Instagram May Provide More Improved Content Controls in the Future

Things are still in the testing phase

Instagram is testing additional features to give you more control over what you see and what you'd rather avoid.

Not to be confused with Instagram's previously-released Sensitive Content Control, the new options provide more ways to filter what appears in your feed. Once implemented, it'll be a bit more direct than the social media platform's current setup, limiting sensitive content based on what it considers "sensitive."

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While it's currently possible to mark a post that pops up in Explore as something you'd rather not see, you still have to individually select each one and tell Instagram to stop recommending it. But if testing goes well and the new feature gets a general release, you'll be able to select multiple Explore posts in one go. This way, you can bulk-flag a bunch of posts at once to save time and ideally have a better way to tell Instagram what kind of content you're not interested in.

Marking multiple Explore posts and hiding specific words/phrases


Along with better flagging, Instagram is also working on a feature that would allow you to create your own filter (of a sort) for suggested posts. With this, you can set up a personal list of words, phrases, or even emojis (or emoji strings) that you want to avoid. Think of it like a muted words list on Twitter, allowing you to decide specifics rather than leaving "sensitive content" decisions up to an algorithm.

Selecting multiple Explore posts as "Not Interested" is being tested now, with testing for word and phrase filtering kicking off soon. Instagram has not yet stated when (or if, as things can always change during testing) either of these features will be made available to all users.

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