Instagram Is Now Using Video Views

Video on an iPhone being held by a woman's hands

Jennifer Polixenni Brankin / Getty Images

You are now able to see how many times your Instagram video has been viewed. Similar to Facebook, Instagram is now showing why video is a great way to tell a story. Also aside from the storytelling, storytellers love to see the reach of where their videos have gone. Both Facebook and Instagram know how this is a powerful tool for marketers and also a powerful ego boost for users of the platforms who really like the “likes” and the engagement on their favorite content.

View counts appear below the video posts where “likes” are usually at. You can tap the view count to see the number of likes you receive on your video. Instagram says, “it’s the best way to show how community is engaging with video.”

Why Add Video Counts

When Instagram announced the news on the blog they stated that people spend 40 percent of their time watching videos on the platform. "We are seeing wildly creative and engaging first-person narratives come to life on Instagram.”

Facebook and Instagram know they have to compete with the likes of Snapchat. Still, images are not the only way to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram has released two video creating apps in Hyperlapse and Boomerang. Hyperlapse is the app where you can create timelapse video and Boomerang is a gif creator which has become very popular amongst social networks like Twitter.

These apps are slowly gaining traction and will eventually but what remains King Content on Instagram remains still images. There has been a huge surge of Hyperlapse and Boomerang created content. The addition of “views” instead of “likes” is just one of the writings on the wall. Instagram tells us, “Adding view counts is the first of many ways you’ll see video on Instagram get better this year.”

Why Is This Important for Mobile Photography

I have been saying this since mobile photography has become a "thing." The reason why the art of photography has been adopted by billions of people is because of how accessible the art form is to people. The camera is the phone. The phone is now the camera.

Big cameras have long been adding video capabilities to their products. The reason being is because they have needed to catch up to smartphones. Now smartphones are capable of recording 4K video! Apps like Replay and Filmic Pro are now giving mobile photographers the freedom to become video directors.

This article as simple as it is to explain Instagram's new added feature in its update really is to spark a creative plug for all of you mobile creatives. Not only should you be creating great still images with your more than capable smartphones, but you really should start thinking about how to create moving images and videos to also document and tell your stories. 

One of the best movies at Sundance was created on 3 iPhone 5s devices. The movie, Tangerine, blew away critiques with not only its story BUT also because it was done on a smartphone. 

Now that you know that you are able to see the reach of your videos with actual counts, then maybe you can be inspired to create some awesome visual stories in cinematic fashion. 

Mobile creativity is photography and video. Here's the next step to the crazy technological smartphone world we all know and love!