Instagram Insights Provides Analytics

In the race for social analytics, data, and monetization and brand success, Instagram is now offering Instagram analytics, or as the fine folks at Instagram call it – Insights. Insights is a feature that many have been asking for – for years.  Third party apps and services like  Iconosquare have given analytics with their original focus not for the brands as it has evolved into. These services were for the Instagram influencers who wanted to see how well their individual posts and accounts did to help and in hopes to monetize their accounts. Within the services, you are able to see a plethora of analytics that included how well your individual posts faired with the rest of the posts in your accounts, what days and times are best to post, who followed and unfollowed you, and even how well your hashtags worked.  

Well in true fashion, Instagram wanted to make sure that you could also do that within the app. Similar to the analytics that Facebook provided, these Insights gives you similar analytics. This  dashboard proves to be invaluable as now you can see how others engage with your content. You are now able to see impressions, your reach, and your engagement – along with when your followers interacted with your posts (press like or comments) and compare them with previous posts and weeks.

For those of you who are wondering the purpose of these analytics from a consumer point of view, if your account and its individual posts do well, advertisers and corporate sponsors, are more than likely to work with you on how well your numbers fair. It is now time to prove that your followers count is not fabricated (bought) and that your engagement is not fabricated (bought). Although there are many flaws with this latter. Instagram has become victim to the social media fallout that many other social media platforms succumb to – there will always be something else to take its place. Well luckily for Instagram, it has its parent company , Facebook, to help as it remains to be the top dog of all platforms and does not look like that social media giant is going to fall anytime soon.  Instagram though, has some work to do. Insights is one way for it to move past the competition and the shelf life. Also Insights is showing whats in store for the future; paid advertisement. Small and large businesses are going to love Insights.

  There are over 200,000 business on Instgram, using the platform to boost product marketing and services. Instagram has stated from all of its users, half of them follow a business and to go further, actually approximately 60% learn about new products and services on Instagram.

The global rollout of the featured Insights is now complete internationally but there are still be many who are out there wondering what they are looking at.

Post Analytics and Account Analytics

Post analytics are per individual pieces of content.  You can access individual post analytics by clicking on your post and hitting ‘View Insights.’ Here you will find:

  • Impressions: The total number of times your post has been seen.
  • Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen your post.
  • Engagement: Number of likes and comments on your post.

Account analytics gives you the full breath of how your account is fairing for the current week and how it compares to the previous weeks. You can access your full account analytics by clicking Insights in your main page on the top right. Here you will find:

  • Top Posts This Month: This shows all your posts from the last 30 days and shows which did the best.
  • Followers: Breaks down your total audiences by gender, age range, your top locations, and the engagement of your audience for best hours they are active and the best days when they are active. Instagram is now giving everyone the ability to understand more about their followers and their demographics. By providing user popular locations, favored gender, and the ages of those people, Instagramers and brands can now provide content that will best suit their followership.
  1. Gender and Age: Provides you with the breakdown of your audience by gender and their age range.
  2. Location: Provides you with where your most active followers are by breakdown of cities and countries.