Instagram Goes Full TikTok and Turns All Videos Into Reels

Updates also bring new templates and remix features

TikTok, bless its heart, has changed the social media landscape significantly, with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all offering their take on the short video format.

Instagram is going even further by officially changing all videos into reels, which is the company's version of a short TikTok-esque video. The change affects any video under 15 minutes and arrives "in the coming weeks." Footage uploaded before the update will, however, remain as videos.

Instagram Reels

Instagram / Meta

Instagram says reels offer a "more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos," as an explanation. 

Those who prefer the old-school Instagram video experience over short-form reels may not appreciate the change, but the social media giant is adding a spate of features to make the transition go down smoother.

First up, Instagram is updating its remix feature for reels, giving would-be videographers the ability to add public photos to reels, choose from a variety of layouts, and simply tack a response reel right onto the back of the original so the two play sequentially. 

The company is also adding templates that automatically add audio and video placeholders for inspiration, which is a common feature for TikTok users.

Instagram Remix

Instagram / Meta

Finally, Instagram is integrating a feature called Dual, which lets content creators record from a smartphone’s front and rear cameras simultaneously to create unique perspectives.

Updates to the remix feature are already available, with more tools launching in the next week or so. 

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