Instagram is changing what you will see on your timeline!

They're Watching Us. Brad Puet

According to Instagram, its 400 million daily users are missing on average 70 percent of their feeds. In order to remedy this, Instagram plans to leave the linear timeline and move to the algorithm method. What you know is Instagram will slowly morph into its new iteration, whether you like it or not.  This is not the first time Instagram has changed its user experience.  Recently they added the addition of multiple accounts which was very popular, and also is slowly changing the video experience by moving the camera icon and also sharing views as opposed to likes.

 The latter has not fully rolled out but I do not foresee any uprising to occur.  The last time the community did object was when Instagram changed its privacy policy.  I do know at that time, there were people who left the platform for other ones, but again the power of Instagram and its awesomeness, brought most of them back.  

So what does this change mean now for users? 

The Current Instagram

A linear timeline is what we all see now and what traditionally we are accustomed to.  Facebook, Instagram's parent company, and Twitter have all moved away from linear the algorithm one.  There was quite the upheaval from fans for both social platforms.  Many argued that each was changing the experience of the user; choosing what should be seen as opposed to what the user wants to see.

Twitter had hashtag protests and Facebook had users state they would quit using it and delete their accounts. For me personally, Twitter has not changed much and the experience is an option that I actually chose to use.

 Facebook is a different story for me.  I was never really an avid user.  I would scroll through my newsfeed and never really post anything.  Now it is much different.  I post but do not really go through my newsfeed.

For Instagram, I am not sure what my experience will be like if and when it is rolled out completely.

 But 70% of the content, I chose to follow is what I do not see? Really, Instagram!

That is an incredible amount of visual content to be missing. For instance I follow 718 people to date. I am missing images from 503 of my favorite people in the world from family and friends to amazing photographers. I have noticed that there was a significant amount of engagement loss in the last 9 months.  I've went from 800-1000+ likes and 35-50 comments (with a significantly lesser audience) to 250-300 likes and 15-20 comments (over 100k). It is really interesting how Instagram has changed through the years and this is one of those things that I think may make a difference. I hope.

The New Arrival of Instagram

Instagram is always slow and methodical with their rollouts. Sure it was announced this week, but we probably will not see if completely rolled out for quite awhile.  According to Mike Kreiger, Instagram's co-founder and chief technology officer, said that the changes would not be as disruptive as what may have happened to other social platforms. I would expect that these changes will be fully implemented by this summer.

It will be interesting. I have mixed feelings about it to be honest.  Sure I would love to see the 70% of my friends images.

Sure I would love to have the engagement with the community that I once had. Is changing the feed/ timeline the answer? Or is Instagram just trying to stay ahead of the social platform game with the likes of Snapchat surely on its heels.

We shall see won't we.