Instagram Tips & Strategies

If you've got a photo to share, Instagram is the easiest and most fun place to post it. It's like Facebook, just without all the pesky words.
A man outside smiling at his smartphone.
How to Turn Off Instagram Message Requests
An older couple sitting on the couch looking at their smartphone and smiling.
How to See Message Requests on Instagram
Someone using a smartphone in the dark with the Instagram logo on the screen.
How to Delete Instagram Messages
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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously
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How to Forget an Instagram Account on Your Computer or Phone
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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram
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What Does It Mean to Archive a Post on Instagram?
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How to Find Contacts on Instagram
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How to Fix It When Instagram Is Not Working
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How to View Instagram Without an Account
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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram
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Tired of Your Instagram Name? Here's How to Change It
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How to Hide Likes on Instagram
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How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram
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How to Get Your Instagram Link
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How to Update Instagram
An Instagram profile on a smartphone.
How to Put a Link in an Instagram Bio
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How to DM on Instagram
Someone leaving on a comment on an Instagram post.
How to Tag Someone on Instagram
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How To Contact Instagram
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How to Search Filters on Instagram
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How to Schedule Instagram Posts
How To See Who Blocked You on Instagram
How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram
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How to Change the Instagram Icon in iOS and Android
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Can You Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram? Not Exactly
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How to Get Verified on Instagram
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How to Delete a Comment on Instagram (and the Best Way to Edit One)
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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story
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How to Change Your Phone Number on Instagram
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Turn on Instagram Notifications So You Don't Miss a Thing
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How to Create, Share and Watch Instagram Reels
A woman looking at Instagram as she plans her travel.
Change Your Email on Instagram to Make Sure Your Getting Notifications
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Turn off Instagram Notifications to Stop Getting Alerts About Posts
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How to Post Videos on Instagram
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How to Watch Instagram Live From a Computer or TV
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How to Turn On Dark Mode on Instagram
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How to Post Instagram Stories and Share Them With Others
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How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram
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Is Instagram Safe for Kids? Depends On Parental Controls Settings
A person looking at the Instagram Explore page on a smartphone.
How to Get Your Instagram Posts to Show Up on the Instagram Explore Page
An image of a person looking at an Instagram photo post on a smartphone.
Is There Really an Ideal Time of the Day to Post on Instagram?
Cat picture on Instagram with the caption, "I'm not lazy. I'm on energy-saving mode."
The 209 Best Instagram Captions of 2022
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12 Instagram Tips for Beginners
Person getting a shoutout on Instagram
5 Tips to Get a Shoutout on Instagram
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How to Deactivate or Delete Your Instagram Account
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Need to Go Live on Instagram? Here's How to Do It
Looking at a Top 9 Instagram post on an iPhone during New Years.
The Best Way to Make an Instagram Top 9 Post
Person using a smartphone to take a screenshot of an Instagram post
Does Instagram Notify You of Screenshots Taken by Someone Else?
Hand holding a smartphone with "This User is Private" and an Instagram logo
Here's How to Make Your Instagram Profile Private
Someone using a social media website to upload photos.
How to Use Instagram on a PC or Mac
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How to Save Pictures From Instagram
A person pleased at their unblocked Instagram account
How to Unblock Someone on Instagram
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Here's What S4S Means on Instagram
How to block someone on Instagram
How to Block Someone on Instagram
Illustration of a phone with an Instagram app heart notification
What Is Instagram Direct? An Intro to the App's Messaging Feature
A crowd filming a concert on their smartphones
Posting Your First Instagram Video? Here Is How Long It Should Be
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How to Reset or Change Your Instagram Password
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What Is Instagram TV?
Person sitting on a pile of film using laptop and saving videos
How to Save Instagram Videos