Insta360's New X3 Camera Makes Shooting All Around You Easier Than Ever Before

A bigger screen, better battery, and improved image sensors

Insta360 just launched a new 360-degree action camera called the X3, a major refresh over 2020’s X2. 

The company has outfitted the X3 with a 2.3-inch rectangular touchscreen for previewing footage, reviewing footage, and controlling all aspects of the camera. The previous iteration, as a reference, boasted just a tiny circular display. This should mean easier and faster controls when capturing some time-sensitive footage. 

Insta360 X3


Image quality also gets a significant boost here, as the X3's lenses are upgraded, with improved aperture and focal length. The max resolution, however, remains the same as the X2, at 5.7K. The X3 does support the company's proprietary Active HDR mode to increase the dynamic range when shooting fast-moving subjects.

The X3 also offers the option to make time-lapse videos and includes a "bullet time" mode if you are still hung up on the effects from The Matrix. There's also a "Me Mode" for social media posts. This mode allows the camera to create a 180-degree video in a 9:16 format with you directly in the center while hiding the selfie stick from view. 

As for stills, the 72-megapixel camera has you covered with a significant leap from the 18-megapixel camera found with the X2. Battery life also gets a boost. The X3 includes a bigger 1800mAh battery.

One feature not here yet is the much-rumored "pre-record" feature that automatically saves a few seconds of footage before you press record. The company says this will be included in a future software update. 

The Insta360 X3 costs $450 and is available for purchase right now in America, Europe, and Japan.

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