How to Use Columns in Apple iWork Pages

Effective use of columns makes for eye-pleasing layout

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Jake Rains / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Columns are a great way to add a professional look to marketing materials like pamphlets and brochures. They're also a necessity if you're creating a newsletter.

These instructions apply to all currently supported versions of Pages.

How to Insert Columns

Use the program's column-formatting options to insert up to 10 columns in a document in landscape mode.

Click Inspector > Layout > Layout. In the Columns field, input the required number of columns.

Enter text as you normally would. When you reach the end of a column, the text automatically flows into the next column.

Adjust the Width and Gutter of Your Columns

To adjust the width of a column, double-click any value in the Column list and enter a new number. This override adjusts the width of all columns in your document. To specify different widths for individual columns, deselect Equal column width.

You can also adjust the gutter, or space between each column. Double-click any value in the Gutter list and enter a new number.

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