Inserting Bookmarks in Your Word Document

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Working on a particularly long Word document brings some unusual headaches that you can avoid with bookmarks. When you have a long Microsoft Word document and need to return to specific locations in the document later for editing, Word’s Bookmark feature can prove valuable. Rather than scrolling through pages after pages of your document, you can quickly return to bookmarked locations to resume your work.

Inserting a Bookmark Into a Word Document

  1. Position the pointer at an insertion point you want to mark or select a section of text or an image.
  2. Click on the "Insert" tab.
  3. Select "Bookmark" in the Links section to open the Bookmark dialog box.
  4. In the "Name" box, type a name for the bookmark. It must start with a letter and cannot contain spaces, but you can use the underscore character to separate words. If you intend to insert multiple bookmarks, make the name descriptive enough to be easily recognizable.
  5. Click "Add" to place the bookmark.

Viewing Bookmarks in a Document

Microsoft Word doesn't display bookmarks by default. To see the bookmarks in the document, you must first:

  1. Go to File and click "Options."
  2. Select "Advanced."
  3. Check the box next to "Show Bookmarks" in the Show Document content section.

The text or image that you bookmarked should now appear in brackets in your document. If you didn't make a selection for the bookmark and just used the insertion point, you'll see an I-beam cursor.

Returning to a Bookmark

  1. Open the "Bookmark" dialog box from the Insert menu.
  2. Highlight the name of the bookmark.
  3. Click "Go To" to move to the location of the bookmarked material.

You can also jump to a bookmark using the Word keyboard command "Ctrl+G" to bring up the Go To tab in the Find and Replace box. Select "Bookmark" under "Go to what" and enter or click on the bookmark name.

Linking to a Bookmark

You can add a hyperlink that takes you to a bookmarked area in your document.

  1. Click "Hyperlink" on the Insert tab.
  2. Under "Link to," select "Place in This Document."
  3. Select the bookmark you want to link to from the list.
  4. You can customize the screen tip that shows when you hover the pointer over the hyperlink. Just click "ScreenTip" in the top-right corner of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box and enter new text.

Removing a Bookmark

When you no longer need the bookmarks in your document, you can get rid of them.

  1. Click "Insert" and select "Bookmark."
  2. Select the radio button for either "Location" or "Name" to sort the bookmarks into a list.
  3. Click the name of a bookmark.
  4. Click "Delete."

If you delete the material (text or image) that you bookmarked, the bookmark is also deleted.