Inserting and Editing with Images in Open Office

images on a corkboard
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If you are using OpenOffice you can insert images into your documents to spice them up. You can also use OpenOffice to edit these images by following this tutorial. 

Copying Pictures to the Clipboard

First, make sure that you have a Text Document open. Now, go to the picture you want to copy (it can be from the Internet or from your own files) and press the Print Screen key (also known as Print Scrn or PrtSc) to copy the picture.

Now, open a Paint program by going to “Start” then click on “All Programs” then click on “Accessories” then click on “Paint>” Once that opens, go to “Edit” then click on “Paste” and the picture should appear.

Cropping a Picture in MS Paint

In Paint, click on the dotted-line rectangle icon (also called Select.) After clicking that, move your cursor to the white part of the Paint program and your cursor should become a 4-arrow plus sign. Place it at the top left of the Standard Toolbar, then press and hold a left-click and drag it to the bottom right of the Standard Toolbar. Let go, and the area should be outlined. Now go to “Edit” then click on “Copy.”

Adding Arrows

At the bottom of the window, click on “Untitled 1 – O…” which will take you back to your Writer document. Right-click anywhere in the document and then choose “Paste” and the picture of the Standard Toolbar should show up.

Right-click on that image and choose “Anchor” then click on “As Character.” Next, click the green pencil icon (Show Draw Functions.) The Drawing Toolbar will show up; click the tiny triangle icon next to “Block Arrows” and choose the up arrow to transform your cursor into the 4-arrow plus sign again.

Place this plus sign in the location where you want the top of the arrow to appear, then click and hold while dragging the arrow. You can change the arrow’s color by right-clicking and choosing “Area” and a color option (we chose “Red 1.”)

Cropping and Saving Pictures in Writer

Repeat the steps for “Copying Pictures to the Clipboard” and “Cropping a Picture in MS Paint.” Then go to “Format” then click on “Picture” then click on “Crop” and use the “Left,” “Right,” “Top,” and “Bottom” options to get a picture of the Standard Toolbar only.

You can rotate the arrow using the rotate icon (the circular arrow) which is located on the Drawing Object Properties toolbar at the top of the window. This will place red handles on the arrow, which you can click and drag with your mouse to rotate.

Note: Here, you could save the Standard Toolbar document. Once you open it again, the Standard Toolbar with the arrow will still be there.

Inserting Pictures Above or Below Text

Open the “Insert picture” window by going to “Insert” then click on “Pictures” then click on “From File.”

In the “Insert picture” window, choose a picture and hit “Open.” You can anchor the picture above or below your text by choosing “Format” then click on “Anchor” then click on “As Character.”

Adjusting a Picture’s Height

You may want to adjust the picture’s height if the picture is taller than your font size. To do this, select the picture so that the anchor icon shows up, as well as 8 green handles on the picture.

Hover your cursor on one of the handles, hold the Shift key, and drag the handle to adjust the size of the picture. Click anywhere on your document to de-select the picture.

Inserting Pictures between Words in a Document

Select the location where you want to place the picture and right-click on the picture. Choose “Wrap” then click on “Wrap Through in Background.” Click and drag the image to the desired position in your document, making sure it is a bit lower than the text.

Right-click the image once more and choose “Anchor” then click on “As Character.” This will keep the picture in place even as you add or delete spaces between it and the text.