How to Insert a Picture Inside Text on a PowerPoint 2010 Slide

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Let's face it. What would a PowerPoint presentation be without some text on the slides? Hopefully, you restrict the text on the slide to as little as possible.

Now it's time for some fun with pictures and PowerPoint. All you need is some text on the slide and a great picture.

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Take Powerpoint Text From Bland to Interesting

Note the difference by adding a picture inside the PowerPoint text
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Refer to the image above to see a Before and After of the same text on the slide. We kept the slide background to a plain white just for this illustration. Likely you will have added a background color or a design theme to dress up your presentation.

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Fill Text Using the PowerPoint Drawing Tools

Use the Drawing Tools to fill the PowerPoint text box with a picture
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Select the text on the slide. This will activate the Drawing Tools on the ribbon. (Note - Choosing a "fat" font is best for this feature so more of your photo will be inside the text).

Click on the Format button directly under the Drawing Tools button. Note that the ribbon changes and reveals the Text Fill button.

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PowerPoint Text Fill Options

Choose Option to Fill PowerPoint Text with a Picture
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Click on the Text Fill button to reveal all the different options.

Select Picture... from the list.

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Locate the Picture to Fill the PowerPoint Text

Select the picture to fill the PowerPoint text box
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The Insert Picture dialog box opens.

Navigate to the folder containing the picture you wish to use.

Click on the picture file. It will now be inserted into the text on the slide.

Note - If you are not happy with the end result, simply repeat the steps to choose a different picture.

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Example Slide With Picture Inserted Into Powerpoint Text

Text on PowerPoint slide with picture fill
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The image above shows a sample slide with a picture inserted into the PowerPoint text.