How to Insert a Link in an Email with Mac OS X Mail

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You can turn text in your emails into links like those on web pages with MacOS Mail.

Links Are for Sharing

Inserting a link to a web page is, of course, easy in Mac OS X Mail: you just paste the address from your browser's address bar. But when the way Mac OS X Mail formats outgoing mail conflicts with the way the recipient's email client reads it (that can happen), your link may arrive in non-clickable form.

Or maybe you are using rich text formatting when composing messages anyway, so links should look like they do on web sites as well. In either case, turning text into a clickable link in your emails may not be obvious in Mail, but it is easy.

Insert a Link in an Email with Mac OS X Mail

To insert a link in an email with Mac OS X Mail:

  1. Make sure the message you are composing uses rich text.
    • If it is not, Format | Make Rich Text is available in the menu; select it to enable rich formatting.
  2. Highlight the part you want to turn into a link.
  3. Click on the highlighted text with the right mouse button or (with the left) while holding down the Ctrl key.
  4. Select Link | Add Link… (or Link | Add…) from the context menu that has appeared.
    • In Mail 2, select Edit Link… from the menu.
    • You can also press Command-K instead.
    • Selecting Edit | Add Link… from the menu in MacOS Mail also works.
  5. Type or paste the address (URL) of the page you want the link to point at under Enter the internet address (URL) for this link..
  1. Click OK.

Unfortunately, Mail does not place the link in the plain text alternative of the message. If you are not sure the recipient can and wants to read emails with rich HTML formatting, paste the link in the message body plainly instead, but make sure Mail does not break it.

As an alternative to sending links, you can also send web page content using Mac OS X Mail from Safari.

Edit or Remove a Link in an Email with OS X Mail

To change the address to which a link in an email you are composing in MacOS Mail points or remove the link:

  1. Click somewhere in the text that contains the link.
  2. Press Command-K.
  3. Edit the link as it appears under Enter the Internet address (URL) for this link..
  4. Click OK.
    • ​​To remove a link, click Remove Link instead.

(Tested with Mac OS X Mail 2–8 and MacOS Mail 10)