How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook

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Instead of sending images as attachments, include them inline with your email's text using Outlook.

A Picture Is Worth Inserting 1,000 Words Inline 

They say in every picture is a book. Emails, though, are mostly made of text and words. To make your next email more memorable, insert a picture into the text. First, of course, be sure the image is compressed properly so you won't have a problem sending the email.

Then, to type, all you have to do is type. But how do you insert an image, picture, painting or photograph in an email in Outlook so that it appears in the message itself, not as an attachment? Well… this might be easier than you thought.

Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook

To add an image from your computer (or cloud storage appearing as a drive on your computer) into an email inline with Outlook:

  1. Make sure the message you are composing uses HTML formatting:
    1. Go to the Format Text (or FORMAT TEXT) tab on the message composition window's ribbon.
    2. Make sure HTML is selected under Format.
  2. Position the text insertion cursor where you want to put the picture or image.
  3. Open the Insert (or INSERT) tab in the ribbon.
  4. Click Pictures (or Picture) in the Illustrations section.

    Tip: ​​Choose Online Pictures to use Bing Image Search to insert pictures directly from the web, or to insert images from your OneDrive account.
  1. Find and highlight the image you want to insert.

    Tip: You can insert multiple pictures at once; highlight them while holding the Ctrl key.
    Note: If your image is larger than some 640x640 pixels, consider shrinking it to more handy proportions. Outlook will not warn you about large images or offer to decrease their size.
  1. Click Insert.

Right-click on the picture to access options for its position, or to add a link' for example:

  • Select Hyperlink… from the context menu and paste the link under Address: in the Existing File or Web Page category to add a link.
  • Open the Wrap Text menu to try various positions; Outlook 2013 will give you a preview in the message itself when you hold the mouse cursor over an option.

Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook 2007

To insert an image inline in an email with Outlook:

  1. Start with a message using HTML formatting.
  2. Position the cursor where you want the image to appear.
  3. Go to the Insert tab.
  4. Click Picture.
  5. Find and highlight the desired image.
  6. Click Insert.

To insert an image found on a web site:

  1. Start with a message using HTML formatting.
  2. Open the web page containing the desired picture.
  3. Drag and drop the image from the web page in your browser to the desired location in your email message.
  4. Click Allow if Internet Explorer asks you whether to allow web content to be copied.
    • Alternatively, click on the image with the right mouse button and select Copy from the context menu, then press Ctrl-V with the cursor at the point where you want to insert the image in your Outlook message.

    Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook 2002 and 2003

    To insert an inline image into a message with Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003:

    1. Compose a message using HTML formatting.
    2. Put the cursor where you want the image to appear in the body of your message.
    3. Select Insert | Picture... from the menu.
    4. Use the Browse... button to locate the desired picture.
      1. If your image is larger than about 640x640 pixels, consider shrinking it to more handy proportions.
    5. Click OK.

    (Inserting images inline in emails tested with Outlook 2002/3/7 and Outlook 2013/2016)

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