How to Insert an Image Inline in Opera Mail

Screenshot of the Opera Mail website showing the mail program on a Mac computer.

You can talk about your recent trip to the lake in an email, of course; and you should. You can add an image of you jumping into the lake to the email, of course; and you should.

Instead of talking in the email about the attached image, or the image on some photo sharing site, how about inserting the photo right into the text where it belongs, though? In Opera, thankfully, inline images are easy to add.

Insert an Image Inline in Opera

To send an image in the body of an email interspersed with its text (instead of as an attachment) in Opera:

  • Make sure HTML formatting is enabled for the message.
  • Position the cursor where you want to insert the image.
    • Note that you cannot move the picture after you have inserted it.
  • Select Insert | Image... from the formatting toolbar.
  • Locate and highlight the desired image.
  • Click Open.

To delete an inserted image:

  • Click the unwanted picture to highlight it.
  • Press Delete.