Insert an Image Inline in a Windows Live Hotmail Email

Use to insert inline images in a Hotmail email

What to Know

  • In the message window, select Insert pictures inline, navigate to the image you want to add, and choose Open.
  • To resize the image, right-click, point to Size, and choose an option.

This article explains how to add an inline image in a message with a Hotmail email address on

Microsoft replaced Windows Live Hotmail with in 2013 and moved everyone using email addresses to the new site. 

Use Your Hotmail Email Address at

People with Hotmail addresses send and receive their Hotmail email using the website. If you don't have a Hotmail address, you can open a new Microsoft account and select the Hotmail domain during the account creation process. After that, you access your Hotmail email at You can insert an image inline in a Hotmail email, but you have to go to to do it.

Insert an Image Inline in a Hotmail Email

Inline images display in the body of the email. You can add images that are on your computer or that you uploaded to OneDrive. To add an image inline to the body of a Hotmail email:

  1. Open

  2. Create a new message or reply to an existing message using your Hotmail email address.

    New Hotmail email message in
  3. Position the cursor in the area of the message where you want the inline image to appear.

  4. Go to the mini toolbar at the bottom of the message field and click the icon for Insert pictures inline.

    Insert pictures inline in message window.
  5. Navigate to the image you want to insert and select Open.

  6. When the image appears in the message field, you can resize it. Hover over the image, right-click it, select Size, and then choose one of the following: Small, Best Fit, or Original.

    Resize inline image on
  7. Finish your email message and click Send.

  8. The email is sent from your Hotmail email address. Any replies can be read on

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