How to Insert Images and Attach Files in Microsoft OneNote

Add text, presentation, spreadsheet, audio, and video to your notes

OneNote is a tool for collecting notes and related items. Here's how to insert images and a whole bunch of other file types in your OneNote notebooks. This is, in fact, one of the best features of a digital note program. By keeping different file types together within a note or notebook, you have a compact yet accessible way to do project research, for example.

Here's How

  1. Open Microsoft OneNote on your desktop or mobile device, or in your browser. See the tips below for more information on how to do this.
  2. To insert an image, select Insert > Picture, Online Pictures, Clip Art, Scanned Image, and more.
  3. You can also insert files from a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation. Inserted files appear as clickable icons. Select Insert > File Attachment > Choose your file(s) > Insert.

Still, need to get set up with Microsoft OneNote? This application is often included in your Microsoft Office/365 suite, or you may need to purchase and download it separately for the desktop.

You can also use the OneNote Online version from your browser by visiting

Insert Screenshots

To insert a screenshot you have captured and saved, select Insert > Screen Clipping > Drag to define the area to capture > Save file. From there, you should be able to resize the image, layer it if necessary, and add the right text wrapping to make sure it plays well with text in your note.

You can also insert video, audio, and many other file types. You can try different files and documents to see what works best. Another alternative is to simply add a link to online web pages or even other documents. If you do the latter, just keep in mind the files you link to must be saved to the device you are using OneNote on, in order for that link to work correctly.

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