How to Insert an Image Into Your Outlook for Mac Signature

Add a graphic in just a few steps

What to Know

  • Go to Outlook > Preferences > Email > Signatures. Select the plus (+) icon to add a signature.
  • Enter and format the text > select Pictures and choose an image > Insert. Position and resize if needed > Save.
  • The new signature will appear in the list of available signatures.

This article explains how to insert an image into your Outlook for Mac signature. Instructions apply to Outlook for Mac version 16, but the procedure is similar in other recent versions.

Create a Signature and Insert an Image

After signing into your account, follow these steps to create a signature in Outlook for Mac and insert an image into it.

  1. Click Outlook > Preferences.

    Outlook for Mac Preferences menu selected
  2. Under Email, click Signatures.

    Outlook for Mac Preferences window and Signatures option
  3. Click Add a signature (the plus icon).

    Outlook for Mac Signatures window and the Add a signature button
  4. Enter text for your signature, using the formatting tools (font size and color, highlighting, etc.) to create the appearance you want.

    Outlook for Mac create a signature window
  5. Place the cursor where you would like to insert your image, and click Pictures in the ribbon menu.

    Select Photo Browser if you want to pick a photo from the Photos app, or Picture from File to navigate to an image from your computer.

    Outlook for Mac Pictures menu selected
  6. Select the image you want to add, and click Insert.

    Outlook for Mac image selection
  7. Resize your image if necessary by clicking and dragging the image handles.

    Outlook for Mac image insert and resizing handles
  8. Enter a name for your signature in the Signature Name field.

    Outlook for Mac Signature Name field
  9. Click Save icon at the top of the signature window.

    Outlook for Mac Save button
  10. Close the signature editing window after saving. Your new signature will now be available in the list of signatures.

    Outlook for Mac newly created signature
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