How to Insert an Image Into Your Outlook for Mac Signature

erhui1979 / Getty Images

An email without a signature, you gather, is like a signature without a logo? A signature without a, well, signature: what's that?

Whatever the image you'd like to add to your email signature, Outlook for Mac does not seem to offer the insert image tool in the signature editor to do it. Fortunately, some copying and pasting do the job nicely.

Insert an Image Into Your Outlook for Mac Signature

To add a graphic to a signature in Outlook for Mac:

  • Create a new message in Outlook for Mac using the signature to which you want to add the image.
    • Make sure the message contains nothing but the signature.
    • To insert any signature:
      • Click somewhere in the message body.
      • Hit Command-A.
      • Press Del.
      • Select Draft > Signatures followed by the desired signature from the menu.
  • Position the text cursor where you want the image to appear.
  • Click Picture on the Message ribbon.
    • If you cannot see the ribbon, click Message.
  • Select Photo Browser to insert an image from iPhoto or Photo Booth.
  • Select Picture from File to insert an image from any folder.
  • Find and double-click (any folder) or drag and drop (Photo Browser) the desired image.
    • You can also drag and drop an image from any Finder window or your Desktop right into the message.
  • Press Command-A.
  • Press Command-C.
  • Close the message window.
  • Click Discard Changes.
  • Select Outlook > Preferences from the menu.
  • Go to the Signatures category.
  • Highlight the signature you're editing.
  • Click on the Signature editing area.
  • Press Command-A.
  • Press Command-V.
  • Close the Signatures window.