How to Insert a Copyright Symbol and Emoji on a PowerPoint Slide

Use shortcuts to add a copyright symbol to your presentation

What to Know

  • Insert menu: Position the cursor. Go to Insert > Symbol. Double-click the symbol you want.
  • Shortcut: Type (c). Autocorrect switches it to the copyright symbol.
  • Emoji keyboard: Download the Emoji keyboard add-in to the Insert tab.

This article explains three ways to add a copyright symbol or emoji to a PowerPoint slide. Information applies to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010; PowerPoint for Mac; and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.

How to Insert Symbols and Emoji in PowerPoint

If your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation contains copyrighted material, you may want to indicate that fact by inserting the copyright symbol © onto your slides. Here's how:

  1. Place the cursor in the position where you want to add a symbol.

    Selecting slide to insert a symbol on
  2. Go to Insert and, in the Symbols group, choose Symbol.

    PowerPoint Insert tab selected
  3. If the symbol you need isn't listed under Recently used symbols, scroll through the collection to find one.

    In PowerPoint for Mac, enter search criteria in the Search box to find symbols or emoji.

  4. Once you've found the symbol you need, either double-click the symbol or choose the symbol and select Insert to insert the symbol in the slide.

    Symbols in PowerPoint that you can insert
  5. Select Close to close the dialog box and view your newly inserted symbol.

Use the PowerPoint AutoCorrect Keyboard Shortcut

PowerPoint AutoCorrect includes an entry that specifically adds the copyright symbol to a slide. This shortcut is faster to use than the Insert > Symbols menu.

To quickly add the copyright symbol to a slide, type (c). This simple keyboard shortcut switches the typed text (c) to the © symbol on a PowerPoint slide.

Add Emoji to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, and 2013

Besides using the small smileys listed under Symbols, newer versions of PowerPoint can install emoji keyboards to gain colorful smileys and symbols that add a splash of fun color to your presentation. To use these, you'll first need to install an add-in from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Go to Insert.

    PowerPoint showing text based smileys and the Insert tab
  2. In the Add-ins group, select Get Add-ins.

    Get Add-ins highlighted within PowerPoint
  3. In the Office Add-ins dialog box, enter Emoji Keyboard in the Search box and press Enter.

    The Office Add-ins dialog box displayed in PowerPoint
  4. Select Add next to the Emoji Keyboard add-in.

  5. The Emoji Keyboard is added to the Insert tab. (Look for the smiley.)

    The emoji keyboard installed in PowerPoint
  6. Select Emoji Keyboard. This opens the Emoji Keyboard pane and displays tons of emoji choices.

    PowerPoint displaying the Emoji Keyboard
  7. Either scroll through the list or enter search criteria in the Search Emoji field.

    A successful emoji search in PowerPoint
  8. Once you've found the emoji you want, select options at the bottom of the Emoji Keyboard pane to change the size of the emoji, to use a text version of the emoji, or to change the skin tone of an emoji.

    PowerPoint displaying different emoji formats
  9. Once you've decided on size or as text only, select the emoji to insert into your slide.

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