Learn How to Insert a Copyright Symbol on a PowerPoint Slide

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Using the PowerPoint AutoCorrect Keyboard Shortcut

Copyright Basics

If your presentation contains copyrighted material, you may want to indicate that by inserting the copyright symbol © onto your slides. PowerPoint AutoCorrect includes an entry specifically for adding the copyright symbol to a slide. This shortcut is faster to use than the symbols menu.

Add a Copyright Symbol

Type (c). This simple keyboard shortcut switches the typed text (c) to the © symbol on a PowerPoint slide.

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Inserting Symbols and Emoji

PowerPoint comes with a large library of symbols and emoji for use on slides. In addition to the familiar smiley faces, hand signals, food, and activity emoji, you can access arrows, boxes, stars, hearts, and math symbols.

Adding Emoji to PowerPoint

  1. Click on a slide in the position where you want to add a symbol.
  2. Click Edit in the menu bar and choose Emoji and Symbols from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll through the collections of emoji and symbols or click on an icon at the bottom of the window to jump to symbols such as Bullets/Stars, Technical Symbols, Letterlike Symbols, Pictographs, and Sign Symbols.
  4. Click any symbol to apply it to the slide.