Quick and Easy Ways to Insert a Table in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 tables are a versatile tool that helps you organize your information, align text, create forms and calendars, and even do simple math. Simple tables are not hard to insert or modify. Usually, a couple of mouse clicks or a quick keyboard shortcut and you are off and running with a table.

Insert a Small Table

Insert a Small Table
Insert a small table in Microsoft Word. Photo © Becky Johnson

You can insert up to a 10 X 8 table with just a few mouse clicks. 10 X 8 means the table can contain up to 10 columns and 8 rows.

To insert the table:

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Click the Table button.

3. Move your mouse over the desired number of columns and rows.

4. Click on the select cell.

Your table is inserted into your Word document with evenly spaces columns and rows.

Insert a Larger Table

nsert a Large Table
Insert a Larger Table. Photo © Becky Johnson

You aren’t limited to inserting a 10 X 8 table. You can easily insert a larger table into your document.

To insert a large table:

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Click on the Table button.

3. Select Insert Table from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the number of columns to insert in the Columns field.

5. Select the number of rows to insert in the Rows field.

6. Select the Autofit to Window radio button.

7. Click Ok.

These steps will insert a table with the desired columns and rows and automatically resize the table to fit your document.

Insert a Quick Table

Microsoft Word 2010 has many built in table styles. These include calendars, a tabular styled table, a double table, a matrix, and a table with subheadings. Inserting a Quick Table creates and formats the table automatically for you.

To insert a Quick Table:

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Click the Table button.

3. Select Quick Table from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the table style you want to insert.

Your pre-formatted table is now in your document!

Insert a Table Using Your Keyboard

Here is a trick that not many people know about! You can insert a table into your Word document using your keyboard.

To insert a table using your keyboard:

1. Click in your document where you want your table to start.

2. Press the + on your keyboard.

3. Press Tab or use your Spacebar to move the insertion point to where you want the column to end.

4. Press the + on your keyboard. This will create 1 column.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to create additional columns.

6. Press Enter on your keyboard.

This creates a quick table with one row. To add more rows, simply press your Tab key when you are in the last cell of the column.

Give It a Try!

Now that you have seen the easiest ways to insert a table, give one of these methods a try in your documents. For more information on working with tables, visit Working With Tables. You can also find information on inserting a table in Word 2007 by reading Using the Insert Table Toolbar Button article, or if you are looking for information on inserting a table using Word for a Mac, read Creating a Table in Mac Word.