InMotion Web Hosting Review

The best shared hosting option we’ve seen

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What We Like
  • The best U.S.-based customer support anywhere

  • Reliable uptime and quick response to infrequent outages

  • Fast speeds even for the base plans

  • A great value with all the developer extras

  • Fantastic interface to get in and get out and get the job done

What We Don't Like
  • Higher price than the competition

  • A few long-term outages in prior years

  • Hosted e-mail is unsecured and collects spam

InMotion web hosting offers a high level of service, but they are one of the more expensive options you'll find in the market.

InMotion Hosting carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which reflect this web host's core competency in providing a high level of service overall with a fantastic level of customer service. Their pricing structure is a little out of touch with the rest of the industry, but you get some nice perks like unlimited bandwidth with every plan.

We took an InMotion shared hosting plan for a spin, testing things like usability, feature availability, and customer service, so read on to see our findings.

Available Levels of Service: Tiered for shared, VPS & dedicated server options

InMotion Hosting offers tiered levels of service for all its products. Over the past 15 years, we have extensively used and tested their shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated services. InMotion Hosting also provides reseller hosting if you want to start your own web hosting service. With that service, you can brand the cPanel for each client and bill directly through the backend for an additional revenue stream.

InMotion Web Hosting
 Courtesy of InMotion

InMotion offers the following shared web hosting plans:

Launch: This is the beginner option, but it still provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts. The primary limitation is you can only set up two websites and only use two MySQL databases. This plan costs $5.99/mo if you pay two years in advance.

Power: This option allows you to set up six websites, each with its own domain, and provides you with 50 databases to play with. The Power plan costs $8.99/mo if you pay for two years in advance.

Pro: This plan removes all limits, allowing you to set up an unlimited number of websites, providing unlimited access to databases, and more. The Pro plan will set you back $14.99/mo if you pay for two years in advance.

All shared plans come with a free domain for the first year, free SSL, unlimited space, InMotion Hosting email, and unlimited bandwidth.

Platform: Apache Linux 

All InMotion Hosting shared plans come standard with Apache and Linux and the standard cPanel. Unlike some hosting vendors, InMotion Hosting also offers PostgreSQL databases along with MySQL. It’s nice to have a choice.

Storage: Plenty for everyone 

Each tier for shared InMotion Hosting comes with unlimited storage. However, the basic Launch plan limits you to two full websites, and the Power plan limits you to six. The Pro plan allows you an unlimited number of sites.

One of the best tests of quality in a web host is how well the support stacks up, and InMotion offers some truly fantastic customer support.

Bandwidth: Unlimited data transfer with fast speeds

InMotion Hosting lists each of their shared plans with unlimited bandwidth. However, each plan, as you go up, offers double the speed and processing power due to hardware upgrades like additional RAM and faster CPUs. Your bandwidth is also limited, in practical terms, by how much bandwidth is used by the other sites on your shared server.

Registration Process: Nice and easy

Setting up an account with InMotion hosting couldn’t be easier. Along with choosing your plan, filling out name, address, and payment information, you can register your free domain and even choose to install your favorite CMS while you are at it. They do offer some up-sells at the checkout, but not as many as competitors like GoDaddy.

Domain & Site Management: Everything you need

With a single InMotion Hosting login to their AMP Panel, you have access to dozens of helpful links like account notifications, billing, payment options to change how you pay for hosting, DNS zone editor, SSL certificates and more. From this initial login, you can open the cPanel as well.

Advanced Options: A nice snapshot of stats in the sidebar 

The InMotion Hosting branded cPanel is the classic Linux version with some excellent features such as website stats, last login details, IP address, disk/database/domain usage and current user information right in the sidebar.

The cPanel includes the usual web hosting tools and features along with a bunch of extras including a support center, language switcher, one-click install for dozens of programs and apps, PHP Pear packages, Perl modules, and merchant account resources for e-commerce.

The InMotion Hosting branded cPanel is the classic Linux version with some excellent features such as website stats, last login details, IP address, disk/database/domain usage, and more.

Administration: Easy user management and restriction 

From inside the Linux cPanel, you can quickly change your user password or create accounts for multiple users with different levels of access. The User Manager tool allows you to set up new accounts in seconds with strict quotas for email, FTP and you can designate access to only a single directory or the whole server.

Even the lowest tier plan comes with unlimited hosted email, and you can easily set up as many accounts as you want through cPanel. InMotion Hosting does include spam filters, encryption, and a whole host of options such as autoresponders, email forwarding, address imports, and even a link to set up Google MX records if you outsource your email to Gmail.

The catch is that, over years of using the hosted email service, we found it to be somewhat insecure, and we received a lot of spam. Our recommendation is to host your email with Gmail and run it through the MX records on the InMotion Hosting server.

Key Features: Best user interface around 

One of the things that we like best about InMotion Hosting is their interface. Navigating the cPanel is easy because the icons are separated into intuitive groups that make sense and make it easy to find what you need fast.

The AMP panel has a lot of helpful, quick links, so you don’t even need to visit the cPanel to register a new domain, transfer in another domain or update your billing account. Whether you are a developer or owner of the web hosting plan, this is a big deal. Some of the other hosting vendors have confusing navigation making it challenging to find even the most basic options to complete the task.

We really appreciate the metrics to review website statistics and the ability to block abusive IPs. We also like the built-in security and constant monitoring of servers. More than once, InMotion Hosting had alerted us to issues before we even realized they were happening.

InMotion Hosting also has a link called Account Technical Details. This link shows you a temporary URL that you can use to access your website before the domain is linked. It may seem trivial, but it is not, and when you don’t have this option, it can make developing a website and accessing it challenging before the domain is registered and propagated.

We also like the built-in security and constant monitoring of servers. More than once, InMotion Hosting had alerted us to issues before we even realized they were happening.

Another key feature that developers will like is that InMotion Hosting does not limit your php.ini settings and you can install multiple php.ini files anywhere on your server as well as access files to manipulate server settings. Again, this is an essential feature for programmers and software developers.

The cPanel also allows you to change the PHP version, which is often necessary to make older sites work. InMotion also has another feature that others do not; the ability to set up two-factor authentication, which gives us a secure feeling knowing that our control panel is less likely to be compromised.

InMotion Web Hosting
Courtesy of InMotion

Support: The best we’ve ever seen

One of the best tests of quality in a web host is how well the support stacks up, and InMotion offers some truly fantastic customer support. They really care about the quality of their products and services, and they want to make you happy. We have called them at 4 a.m. and gotten a US-based technician who was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped resolve our issue within minutes. This feature alone is worth using InMotion Hosting.

Server Uptime Guarantee: Only with some plans

This is the one area where InMotion stumbles a bit. While this host has a strong track record of providing excellent server uptime, they don't actually offer a guarantee for most of their plans. If you want something in writing that guarantees compensation in the event that your server goes down, you have to pony up for their Business Class Pro plan at a bare minimum.

Price: Well worth the extra money

With InMotion Hosting, you are going to pay more. Pricing isn't that far out of line, but this is one of the more expensive web hosts we've tested. This is a case of getting what you pay for though, as InMotion provides a very high level of service and some nice extras that you won't get from most of the competition.

InMotion's most affordable plan costs $6.99 per month if you pay for year in advance, and $5.99 per month if you pay for two years. There is an option to pay monthly.

By way of comparison, Hostgator's most affordable plan costs just $2.75 if you pay for three years in advance. That means you can get almost three years of Hostgator service for the cost of one year of InMostion Hosting.

Competition: InMotion Hosting vs. GoDaddy 

When stacked up against the competition, InMotion Hosting is usually a bit more expensive but they make up for it with a higher level of overall service. The extra security, unlimited space, bandwidth, email, and free SSL, combined with the developer tools and outstanding support, put them over the top when measured against a competitor like GoDaddy.

InMotion provides unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email for all of their plans, while GoDaddy's most affordable plan limits you to 100 GB of storage and a single email address. InMotion also offers some nice bonuses, like a free SSL certificate, and they'll even scan your site for malware on request.

You will pay more per month with InMotion Hosting, and there is no option to pay for less than a year at a time, but when you need support for your website at 4 a.m. and get a real person who can help you instantly, it will be worth it. InMotion Hosting is simply a cut above the rest.

Final Verdict

A rock-solid web host with a couple of nagging issues.

InMotion provides a great level of service, and their customer service is top-notch. This is consistently one of our favorite hosts, but we can't give it our top recommendation due to pricing issues and the lack of any written uptime guarantee. We love the high-quality service they provide, but we'd love it more if the pricing was friendlier.


  • Product Name InMotion
  • Plan Tested Launch
  • Other Available Levels of Service Tiered levels of shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud options
  • Storage Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Platform Apache Linux
  • Registration Process Fast and easy with minor upsells
  • Domain & Site Management cPanel and WHM
  • Support 24/7 phone, web chat, and email
  • Server Uptime Guarantee No uptime guarantee unless you're a Business Class Pro customer. Promises 99.9% uptime and offers a money back guarantee.
  • File Access FTP & FTPS, SFTP, web-based
  • Shell Access Yes
  • Site Builder One-click installs for WordPress and others, custom site builder costs extra
  • Email Unlimited email addresses
  • Years in Business 18
  • Version Control PHP versioning and safe application roll-back, plus Git version control
  • Payment Options Credit/debit cards, PayPal, purchase order, or check
  • Price (monthly) No monthly option
  • Price (yearly) $6.39/mo (24 months)
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