How to Send an Image Inline Without Mozilla Thunderbird

Sending images as attachments is fun, but sending them inline in the message can be even more fun. To do this, you need not even include the image in your mail directly. It's enough to point to the image somewhere on the web. With Mozilla Thunderbird, this is easy, too.

Send an Image Inline Without Attaching It in Mozilla Thunderbird

To include an image in an email message in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla:

  • Select Insert | Image… from the message's menu.
  • Put the cursor in the Image Location: field.
  • Press Ctrl-V or Command-V to paste the image address.
  • Add some alternative text that will appear in the email message if the image you linked to cannot be accessed.
  • Make sure Attach this image to the message is not checked.
  • If you cannot see Attach this image to the message:
    • Click Advanced Edit....
    • Type "moz-do-not-send" under Attribute:.
    • Enter "true" as the Value:.
    • Click OK.
  • Click OK.