Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Review

Is this souped-up superhero fighter worth buying?

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is chock full of fanservice, whether for comic, superhero/supervillain, or fighter fans. It’s an excellent entry to the world of DC Universe games and packs a wallop with plenty of content and honors to chase for hardcore players. It does encounter some hiccups, but overall it’s an exciting fighting game with DC favorites and a narrative to keep players engaged. It worked quite well as a console release, and it dazzles on the PS Vita as well. 

The story centers around a post-Superman-gone crazy world. After mistakenly murdering Lois Lane and his unborn child (long story – just read the companion comic series or play the game), Supes has gone insane and has taken it upon himself to form a sort of totalitarian government. 

The Fight System

What you really need to know is how the fighting itself plays out. This is a game from NetherRealm Studios, who brought us the surprisingly excellent Mortal Kombat remake, which felt smooth, brutal, and just as great as many of the classic MK titles, if not better.

Each hero and villain is outfitted with their own special arsenal of moves tailored to their “style” as a character. For instance, Batman can send a Batmobile careening down the middle of the stage to knock an opponent to the ground. It should actually shatter all the bones in their body and/or cause irreparable damage to human opponents, but that’s another conversation. In the same vein, why aren’t any human contenders dying without oxygen in the vacuum of space or burning up upon re-entry to the atmosphere after Superman’s special? Some of them are flashier than others, almost as if audience interest was gauged on who would want to play as who more, but they’re all still pretty fun to pull off.

While there’s a decent amount of variety between the different fighters, the fighting styles do tend to be a little similar in execution. Special moves look great, but they don’t really take that much damage. Wagers in the middle of the battle can turn the tides in your favor, but they’re not revolutionary or particularly interesting. What you’re going to gravitate to are the potential for epic showdowns between your favorite characters and their interactions with each other, whether in story mode or one-off scuffles. You really get a sense of each character’s personality, which is rarely explored properly in fighters, and it shines through very admirably in Injustice.

The “Ultimate Edition” moniker pays off in that Vita adopters get STAR Lab Missions as well as all of the DLC previously available for console version owners. In truth, there’s not a boatload of content to speak of, though buyers who pick up this version instead of the console edition will no doubt be doing so to pad their fighting game collection on Sony’s flagship handheld, and it’ll be a cheaper endeavor as well that loses none of the polish of the original.

The Bottom Line on Injustice: Gods Among Us

Graphically and mechanically it leaves a little to be desired. Injustice: Gods Among Us is in no way perfect, but it’s got spunk and attitude. Even with its noticeable similarities – and crucial differences – to the Mortal Kombat franchise, this DC Comics-based fighter is just different enough to set itself apart from the rest of the pack of superhero tie-ins out there, and that’s reason enough to give it a chance.