Tech Gadgets and Office Gifts for Under $10 USD

Office Gifts for $10 USD or Less

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Office gifts can range anywhere from the strange to sublime.

Whichever mood you're after, here's a list of office gifts sure to get them emotional for one reason or another... for $10 USD or less.

Depending on your ​timeline, these office gift ideas can be ordered online.

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Technology Device Cleaning Cloth

Purple Maple Device Cleaning Cloth

Purple Maple on Etsy

Electronic screens should not be wiped with just any type of fabric. These microfiber cloths feature designer patterns you can choose from. A pretty slick gift!

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Cable and Cord Organizers

Animal Cable Organizers

Cindy Grigg, Courtesy of Eshop

Help your coworkers in the fight against crossed wires. This gift makes a lot of sense for crowded desks.

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Tablet and Smartphone Stands

iSoldier Phone Stand by

Device stands are a great gift people can use for desks, travel, even cooking.

You can find tablet and smartphone stands all over the place. Someone on your team may love it!

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Instagram Photo Magnets

Instagram Magnet Gift Idea from Zazzle

Screenshot by Cindy Grigg

If you share a photo memory with another Instagrammer, consider commemorating it with something like this customized photo magnet.

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Jelly Lens Stretch

Jelly Stretch Lens for Mobile Photography

You can find a bunch of lenses to add right to your smartphone. They change the way your image is captured by your phone's built-in camera. Note that for gifts like this, it's a good idea to be sure the recipient's phone is compatible. 

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Cell Phone Wrist Strap

Cell Phone Strap Gift Idea by Trokm


You can find a lot of wrist straps to attach to device cases, but this one is extra cool.

Order a cell phone wrist strap such as these fun Metallic Cell Phone Wrist Straps by ShopTrokm (pronounced tee-rock-em) for $10 USD.

I love that you can customize colors, lengths, and designs. I also love that this company started a project called "A Case For Good," where 25% of phone case sales is donated to a non-profit organization or charity. Pretty cool!

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Flat Flashlight

Flat Flashlight by Kikkerland

A flashlight comes in handy. This one doubles as a conversation piece. It's flat design is certainly unique, and might make a fun, affordable office gift for someone on your team. 

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Boombox Speakers Gift

iHorn Boombox Speaker

While it is by no means comparable to more expensive electronics, the old-school design is sure to get a smile while still giving you or someone else another option for listening to audio on the go.

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Popular eGift Cards for $10 or Less

Image of Mobile Apps for Productivity

Yagi Studio/Getty Images

You can go the digital route and still give something with a customized feel.

For example, choose specific apps yourself using something like Wrapp or buy credit at a mobile app store. Just make sure you first know which type of smartphone or tablet the recipient uses.