How to Indent Text or Decrease Quote Level in iPhone Mail

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Email is all about dialog; it's essentially an electronic conversation. These exchanges often get lengthy and following who said what becomes difficult. The solution: Set off quoted text so recipients can differentiate new text from old and one sender from another. The degree to which this text is set off is referred to as the level of quotation. Traditionally, the level of quotation is indicated by how far the text is indented; the greater the indent, the further back in the conversation the indented text has appeared (similar to the hierarchy of an outline).

Indent (or Decrease Indent of) Text in iPhone Email

Changing the quotation (and indent) level of text in the iPhone Mail app is as easy as making a few taps. To increase or decrease the level of quotation for selected text:

  1. Position the text cursor in the line for which you want to change the quotation level.

  2. To change multiple lines and paragraphs, highlight them.

  3. Select Quote Level from the menu.

  4. If you cannot see Quote Level, tap the right arrow in the menu first.

  5. Tap Decrease to remove a level of indentation.

  6. Tap Increase to add a level of indentation.

  7. You can use Increase and Decrease repeatedly to add or remove multiple quotation bars fast.

You also can have iPhone Mail indent quoted text in replies or when forwarding automatically.