Incredimail Backup PRO- Export Tool Review

The Bottom Line

Incredimail Backup PRO not only backs up and restores your entire IncrediMail installation, you can also export messages to EML files, ready to be imported into Windows Mail or other email programs, and undelete deleted mail. It's a pity scheduling Incredimail Backup PRO backups is not easy.
Incredimail Backup PRO is no longer available.


  • Incredimail Backup PRO lets you export all or select messages from IncrediMail to EML files
  • You can also back up entire IncrediMail installations and export address books to CSV
  • Incredimail Backup PRO lets you undelete messages


  • Incredimail Backup PRO backups cannot be scheduled easily
  • You can export messages only as EML files


  • Incredimail Backup PRO backs up IncrediMail and lets you selectively export contacts and messages.
  • Backups keep all account data (including contacts, messages, rules, options, emoticons, and more) safe.
  • Incredimail Backup PRO can restore from a backup to your IncrediMail installation automatically.
  • You can also save all or individual messages (including attachments) to EML files.
  • IncrediMail address book contacts can be exported to CSV files.
  • If an email has not yet been physically removed from the IncrediMail data store, Incredimail Backup PRO lets you undelete it.
  • Incredimail Backup PRO supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and IncrediMail Xe.


Hooked on IncrediMail? Then you will want to make sure your data is safe.

With Incredimail Backup PRO, you can swiftly create a ZIP file containing all your IncrediMail identity's messages, settings, contacts, and more. Restoring from an Incredimail Backup PRO backup is a breeze. Incredimail Backup PRO does it all automatically.

It's a pity Incredimail Backup PRO does not allow restoration of just certain messages or contacts from backup files. If an email you have deleted is still lurking around in the message store (even after you have emptied the "Deleted Items" folder), on the other hand, Incredimail Backup PRO lets you undelete it easily.

A way to schedule backups, either in Incredimail Backup PRO or via the command line, would be nice, too.

Had enough of IncrediMail? Had enough of IncrediMail and now can't seem to get your contacts and messages out of it? You'll love Incredimail Backup PRO's other abilities.

In addition to creating backups, Incredimail Backup PRO can export address books and emails from IncrediMail. You can either have it export all mail or just certain folders. You can even export individual messages and preview them before you save.

Incredimail Backup PRO saves messages as EML files (which you can import into Windows Mail, Outlook Express or other email programs) and contacts to CSV files (which, again, you can easily import into most email programs or web-based services).

Of course, Incredimail Backup PRO keeps your messages intact and includes attached files in the exported EML files, too.