IncrediMail 2.5: Free Email Program

Perion Network Ltd.

IncrediMail is a fun and easy to use email client that adds spice to the messages you send while protecting you from spam, phishing, and fraud attempts in a convenient manner.

Unfortunately, IncrediMail lacks some productivity features if you have to deal with large amounts of mail.

What We Liked

  • IncrediMail is a friendly program, easy and a lot of fun to use.
  • Plenty of stationery and multimedia content is available for IncrediMail.
  • IncrediMail offers fast search and can organize email folders in a useful fashion.

What We Didn't Like

  • IncrediMail lacks learning filters or folders.
  • IncrediMail does not offer templates or text snippets for efficient replies.
  • The free version includes ads in the outgoing mail.


  • IncrediMail lets you access multiple POP and IMAP email accounts.
  • Large collections of stationery, animations, emoticons, and sounds can be used in IncrediMail emails.
  • IncrediMail sports animated new mail notifiers, 3D effects, and animations throughout.
  • Basic message rules, a fast search engine, flags and folder filters help you organize email in IncrediMail.
  • You can set up IncrediMail to accept only mail from approved senders into your inbox.
  • IncrediMail Protection Center, a subscription service, filters spam and alerts you about links to harmful sites in emails.
  • IncrediMail can block remote images in emails (problematic privacy-wise) and lets you bounce mail.
  • It is easy to transfer IncrediMail data and settings to a new computer. Paid option IncrediBackup offers simple backups.
  • Anonymous usage data collected by IncrediMail identifies the most popular letters and other content.
  • IncrediMail supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.


Email is most fun when it works—and includes flashy trinkets, too.

Of the latter, IncrediMail has plenty: you can send and receive messages using rich formatting, of course, or apply rich stationery (called IncrediMail letters), add handwritten signatures, send e-cards, insert sounds and whatnot; you can also change IncrediMail's (somewhat homespun) interface with themes, have animated characters announce new mail and have typewriter sounds accompany your, well, typing.

Getting and Reading Mail in IncrediMail

IncrediMail also works. It downloads mail faithfully from multiple (POP and IMAP, including, e.g., Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL Mail, of course) account into ever-growing folders. Thanks to handy search functions, you can focus on certain messages—say, mail from a particular sender, attachments or unread emails—easily in a folder or, of course, search all your archive for keywords and characteristics swiftly.

What is true for emails also applies to people: they are easy to add and to find, can have distinguishing icons or pictures assigned. IncrediMail will also suggest likely people remember based on your correspondence patterns, and managing groups is a breeze.

Writing and Organizing Mail in IncrediMail

Unfortunately, IncrediMail is not so helpful and courteous with composing messages. You can set up signatures, of course, and have IncrediMail send out-of-office replies; IncrediMail does not, however, include message templates or text snippets for faster answers. Free-form message labels or self-learning folders to organize mail in a very personal or totally automatic manner are missing as well.

You can subscribe to a capable spam filter, though, and IncrediMail comes with messages filters that muster the essential tasks. Speaking of subscriptions, IncrediMail does include suitably capable IMAP support.