Yahoo Mail Accounts May Be Deleted If Inactive

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You may not be able to avoid this in life, but you can avoid one reason for frustration, a Yahoo! Mail account closed due to inactivity. StockUnlimited

Make sure your Yahoo! Mail account does not expire and is not deleted due to inactivity.

Keep Your Yahoo! Mail Account as Long as You Want

You may not want to keep your Yahoo! Mail account as long as you originally had thought you would. You should be able to keep your Yahoo! Mail account as long as you may want to use it.

What could take it from you? The very use and its lack could. Yahoo! want to keep their email house clean, so unused accounts are regularly retired, marked expired and, in the end, deleted.

It is easy, I am fortunate to report, to prevent that from happening and ensure your Yahoo! Mail account stays active and around for you to receive and send mail: log on frequently enough, ideally using a desktop-class browser.

Know When Your Yahoo! Mail Account Will Become Inactive and Be Deleted

A Yahoo! Mail account will be deactivated automatically

  • after 12 months (1 year) of inactivity.
  • To ensure continued use of your account, it is best to log into it using a desktop browser at least once a year.