What's in the PSP Box

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An Overview of PlayStation Portable "Packs"

If you're in the market for a PSP, you might want to know what comes in the box before you get to the store, so you don't accidentally come home with a bunch of things you don't really need. Here's a list of the different "packs" the PlayStation Portable comes in. For details on what's inside, click the title.

Core Pack

This is the basic, no-frills package, without even a set of headphones, but if all you want is a PSP, this might be the way to go. You won't be taking full advantage of online gaming, but you will have a lot of fun. All PSP versions, including the PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSPgo are or were available in a Core Pack. Find out what's in a Core Pack.

Game Bundle

Sometimes, a PSP is bundled with a game. Because the pack includes only a PSP and game, it doesn't quite qualify as an Entertainment Pack (see below), so I'm referring to them as Game Bundles. I'm still tracking down which games came in bundles with the different PSP models, and will add them as I find them. Find out what's in a Game Bundle.

Entertainment Pack

All PSP models are or were available in various different Entertainment Packs (it's likely something along these lines will be available for the PSPgo, as well). Starting with the PSP-2000 these Entertainment Packs were titled from the games they came with, a practice also followed with the PSP-3000. There were four different PSP-2000 Entertainment Packs, and so far there have been ten PSP-3000 Entertainment Packs released or announced. Find out what's in the different Entertainment Packs.

Holiday Pack

New for 2010 and the PSP-3000 is the Holiday Pack, which is really an Entertainment Pack with a different name and an especially nice price. 

Value Pack

This PSP-1000-only package had everything you need to get started, though if you wanted to do more on your Memory Stick than save games, you may have wanted to buy a second, larger stick. Find out what's in a Value Pack.

Giga Pack

This PSP-1000-only package was probably the best deal, though if you weren't going to play music or video on your PSP, you could get by with the smaller Memory Stick that came with the Value Pack, instead. Find out what's in a Giga Pack.

Bonus Pack

Cheaper than the Giga Pack, but with not quite as much stuff, the Bonus Pack was only available in Japan, and only with the PSP-1000. Find out what's in a Bonus Pack.

With the PSP-1000 there were occasionally special deal releases with a game or other goody-packed in (for example, at the PSP's release, there was a pack that included a Wayne Gretzky hockey game, and the first batch in stores had a Spiderman movie UMD included). These packs weren't necessarily given specific names, unlike the many different Entertainment Packs available for the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000.