How to Improve Your iPhone or iPad Camera


The iPhone's camera gets better with each new model, but it still isn't a fully-featured camera capable of taking every shot. And while the iPad's huge screen can make it easier to frame a shot and snap a fantastic photo, the camera still lags behind the one found int he iPhone. So how do you take advantage of your mobile device without sacrificing quality? There a number of ways you can improve your camera and the photos you take. 

Buy a Third-Party Lens

The iPad and the iPhone both boast pretty good cameras these days, but an external lens can grant increased magnification and specialty shots such as wide-angle. A third-party lens can also help boost that older device by improving the camera without buying a brand new smartphone or tablet.

The iPad is best served using products from iographer. These lenses work by attaching a specially designed case to the tablet and changing out different lenses to get the perfect shot. You can also buy a case for your iPhone and use the same lens between both devices.

If you are only looking to upgrade your iPhone's camera, Ollocip is the way to go. They have fantastic lenses that clip on to your iPhone and give you access to a variety of different shots you might not otherwise get.

Improve Your Photo Through Settings

You don't have to attach a third-party lens to improve your photo. There are a number of tricks you can do with the Camera app that will help you take better pictures. The easiest is to simply turn on HDR photos. This tells the iPhone or iPad to snap multiple photos and merge them to create a high dynamic range (HDR) photograph.

The Camera app also has some built in filters that can bring our the best in your image. After snapping a photo, a small thumbnail of your most recent photo appears to the right or just below the large circular snap button, depending on if you are using an iPhone or iPad. Tap this thumbnail to view your photo full screen and then tap the Edit button in the top-right corner.

A screenshot of the iPad editing a photograph
  • You can get access to a number of custom filters by tapping the button with three circles. These filters will change the brightness and color contrast, which can have a dramatic effect on your photo. You can even add third-party filters through the App Store.
  • The dial button will give you access to the same features as the filters, but with manual control over lighting and color.
  • You can crop your photo by tapping the square with arrows around it. This editing tool will also let you rotate the image.
  • The Magic Wand button might be the best of the bunch. This does all the heavy lifting from you, analyzing your photo and determining the right lighting and color contrast. If you want a magic button that will automatically make your photo better, this is it.

When you are finished making your changes, tap the Done button in the upper-right corner to save them.

How Live Photos Can Improve Your Photography

Live Photos are small video clips that are captured when you take a photograph on a newer iPhone or iPad. While they might seem like a gimmick, they hide one truly awesome feature: you can choose the 'main' photograph from the video. This is great because it can fix a spontaneous bad facial expression, blink of the eyes or a just-missed shot.

Here's how to choose a new image from a Live Photo:

  • Tap the same thumbnail that takes you to the Edit screen.
  • Choose Edit.
  • When editing a Live Photo, the bottom of the screen shows you the entire video. You can place the tip of your finger on the film and slide it left or right to view different images within the video. If you find a better shot, tap the Make Key Photo button.