102 Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Blog Right Now

Without Investing A Lot of Time or Money

Is your blog as good as it can be? Chances are you can make some simple changes that will instantly improve your blog. The best part is that most of those changes take very little time and cost no money. The information provided through the links in this article teach you about 102 specific changes you can make to improve your blog right now. You can choose to implement all of them or just a few, but the more of these tips you follow, the better your blog will be.

24 Blog Design Changes

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To begin, review your blog's design to make sure it's aesthetically pleasing to visitors. Many people will make the decision to stay on your blog for more than a second based solely on the design, so don't undervalue its importance. The articles listed below teach you what you should and shouldn't do to improve your blog design. Make these changes now, and the effect will be instant.

30 Blog Writing Changes

Next, review your individual blog posts and evaluate your writing style, tone, and process. Are you writing blog post titles that people want to click in order to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog? Are you starting your blog posts with a bang to keep readers interested? The following articles will help you turn boring blog content into amazing blog content.

18 Blog Setup and Maintenance Changes

By making some simple changes to your blog setup and blog maintenance activities, you can improve your blog very quickly. Each of the articles below offers tips and tools to ensure your blog is set up in the best way possible and that you're taking the right steps to maintain it at all times.

30 Blog Performance and Management Changes

Did you know that the speed pages on your blog load in visitors' web browsers can have a direct impact on the amount of Google traffic your blog gets? The articles below offer a variety of techniques and tools that you can use to improve your blog's performance right now, increase Google traffic to it, and manage its performance on an ongoing basis.