Importance of Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction as a Web Host

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The web hosting industry has become one of the most-competitive battlefields today. Hosting providers are always on the lookout for new ways to attract more customers by generating interest through various means like discount coupons, holiday deals, social media marketing etc. While this is undoubtedly very important for web hosts to keep the business growing, and getting more customers subscribed to their hosting services, it is equally important to keep the existing customers happy and fully satisfied, because hosts can only hope to gain respect and loyalty of their customers to gain an edge over their rivals. Moreover, when you look at the game, it's all about keeping the renewal rates high, and that's usually easier through a bunch of power affiliate and hosting resellers.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention Go Hand-in-Hand

A satisfied customer always spreads the word about top-class hosting services to colleagues, relatives, family members, and friends; nothing can really beat "word of mouth" advertising! Customer satisfaction, and retention basically go hand-in-hand, and one simply can't hope to retain unsatisfied customers. However, it's important to remember that an unsatisfied customer will reach out to many more people than a satisfied customer! So, even if you manage to have 100 satisfied clients, and 10 unhappy clients, then chances are high that you'll receive lot of negative publicity, and very little positive feedback in the market. It's quite obvious that if you manage to keep the customer satisfaction rate high, your customer retention rate would in turn be quite high too.

Seek Feedback and Correct Your Mistakes

It is important to put the needs of the customers above everything else. Take note of feedback and remarks given by all the customers on your website. Even before that, make sure your hosting website has a dedicated control panel for customers where they can offer suggestions and leave their remarks. Always make use of the suggestions to improve the quality of your services. Whenever you come across a negative feedback, get in touch with the customer, and correct the mistake as quickly as you can; only by doing this, you can expect success in coming years. On the other hand, if you decide to ignore the complaints, and negative feedback, you'd end up ruining your reputation soon enough.

Quick and Reliable Support is the Key

If there is an issue with a website of one of your customers, they would hate to wait without getting quick support from your end. Any issue raised by a customer must be attended to, at the earliest, and if it is a critical issue, then it must be addressed within an hour. In any case, none of the issue raised should remain unattended for more than 24 hours. Irrespective of whether you cater to local customers to operate on global level, make sure that you have a qualified team to offer round-the-clock customer support.

Have Proficient Tech Support Staff in Place

It is important to understand that your customers rely on your support team blindly. So, you don’t want a bunch of customers who complain that they don't understand what the support executives are conveying to them. Sometimes, the technical support team sincerely responds to an issue very quickly, but fails to resolve the issue on time, which doesn't help the cause either. So, responding on time is not the only important factor, and your technical support team should be able to resolve the issues efficiently well within a short time frame. More issues resolved on time simply imply lot of happy customers. And, happy customers often translates to more referrals, and higher retention rate!

Keep Your Customers Informed

It always makes a good impression if you alert or inform your customers about new developments in advance. Keep letting them know the kind of things that could potentially affect their website(s). Clients should know about backup routine and general maintenance. This also helps in running smooth internal operations without unpleasantly surprising your customers with unplanned down-times due network upgrades, and maintenance. If a certain issue is time-intensive and can't be resolved within hours, it is always good to inform the customer about the same and give them periodic progress report. By no means, you can afford to leave your precious customers out of the loop in any of your operations that directly or indirectly affect them.

You Are Bound to Fail If You Don't Care about the Customers!

Web hosts who don't feel the need of offering the best-in-class customer support, and addressing the concerns of customers in a timely manner, often lose their valuable customers one by one, and eventually fail to sustain their business in the longer run.

A good host always believes in complimenting a customer's business by offering top notch customer support, and value added services.

Last but not the least; never underestimate a client, because it all starts with a small association. Customers who take up the cheapest shared hosting plan often end up paying the costliest of VPS packages or dedicated servers in a matter of just 6-12 months, so it'd be utter foolishness to overlook such potential customers.