Migrate Your Yahoo! Mail and Contacts to Gmail

Import Your Yahoo! Mail Messages and Contacts Into Gmail

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Switching email service providers do not have to be a stressful task. You can even transfer all your Yahoo! mail and contacts directly into your Gmail account as if nothing has changed.

What's more is that once the transfer is complete, you can send mail from either account at any time; your Yahoo! or Gmail email address. Just choose one from the "From" section when composing messages or replying to existing ones.

How to Transfer Emails and Contacts From Yahoo to Gmail

  1. From your Yahoo! account, gather all the messages that you want to transfer to Gmail. Do this by dragging and dropping, or selecting and moving, emails into the Inbox folder.
  2. From your Gmail account, open the Accounts and Imports tab of the settings through the settings gear icon and the Settings option.
  3. Click the Import mail and contacts link from that screen. I've you've previously imported mail, choose Import from another address.
  4. Type your Yahoo! email address in the text field for the first step.
  5. Press Continue and then press it again on the next screen.
  6. A new window will pop up so that you can log on to your Yahoo! account.
  7. Confirm ShuttleCloud Migration's (the service used to transfer email and contacts) request for your contacts and email by pressing Agree.
  8. Close that window when told to do so, and then return to Step 2 of Gmail's import process.
  1. Select the options you want: Import contacts, Import mail and/or Import new mail for next 30 days.
  2. Click Start import when you're ready.
  3. Click OK to finish.


  • It might take up to two days before you see all the Yahoo! mail imported into Gmail, but that depends on how many emails you have in Yahoo!.
  • Gmail creates a label for messages imported from Yahoo!. It's named after the Yahoo! address that's forwarding mail to your Gmail account. You can delete this if you wish.
  • Mail in your Yahoo! drafts, trash, and spam folders are not imported.
  • Yahoo! contacts and message are not deleted from your Yahoo! account when they're imported into Gmail.
  • Return to Step 2 above if you want to check the progress of the import process.
  • You can stop importing mail at any time by clicking the Stop link in the Accounts and Imports tab of Gmail's settings.
  • With a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription, you can also have Gmail download new mail automatically.