Migrate Your Yahoo Mail and Contacts to Gmail

Import your address book and more

When you switch your email service from Yahoo to Gmail, transfer your Yahoo mail and contacts to your Gmail account. Once the transfer is complete, send mail from either account at any time. Choose either your Yahoo or Gmail email address when composing messages or replying to existing ones. Or, configure your Yahoo mailbox to forward to the other account.

How to Migrate Yahoo Contacts to Gmail (And Emails, Too)

Log in to your Yahoo account and your Gmail account to prepare to transfer messages and your address book.

  1. From your Yahoo account, move the messages that you want to transfer to Gmail to your Yahoo Inbox. Either drag and drop or select and move emails into the Inbox folder.

    Move emails to the Inbox folder in Yahoo before you start the migration process. Mail that's in the Drafts, Trash, and Spam folders isn't imported.

  2. Go to Gmail, select Settings (the gear icon), then choose Settings.

    Turn off Gmail Conversation View
  3. Select the Accounts and Import tab.

    Gmail settings with the Accounts and Import tab highlighted
  4. In the Import mail and contacts section, choose Import mail and contacts.

    Accounts and Import tab in Gmail settings with the Import Mail and Contacts button highlighted
  5. Enter your Yahoo email address, then select Continue.

    Type the full address, such as examplename@yahoo.com.

    Menu to enter email address to transfer to with the Continue button highlighted
  6. Select Continue to agree to the terms of use.

    Terms and services window for Gmail with the Continue button highlighted
  7. Select Agree to confirm that ShuttleCloud Migration (the service used to transfer email and contacts) can access your contacts and email.

    Migration permission screen in Gmail with the Agree button highlighted
  8. Close that window when prompted.

  9. Select the options you want: Import contacts, Import mail, and Import new mail for next 30 days.

    New Yahoo messages will not arrive in your Gmail account. Only messages that are currently in your Yahoo account are transferred. Or, those messages plus new mail for 30 days, if you chose that option.

    Import options in Gmail with the options highlighted
  10. Select Start import.

    Import options in Gmail with the Start Import button highlighted
  11. Select OK to finish.

Tips About Importing Yahoo Contacts to Gmail

Here a few things to keep in mind once you authorize the transfer:

  • It might take up to two days before you see all the Yahoo mail imported into Gmail, but that depends on how many emails you have in Yahoo.
  • Gmail creates a label for messages imported from Yahoo. It's named after the Yahoo address that forwards mail to your Gmail account. You can delete this label if you wish.
  • Yahoo contacts and messages are not deleted from your Yahoo account when imported into Gmail. If you want to remove contacts and messages after the migration, log in to your Yahoo account.
  • Return to the Accounts and Import tab in the Gmail settings to check the progress of the process.
  • Stop importing mail at any time by clicking the Stop link in the Accounts and Imports tab of the Gmail settings.
  • With a Yahoo Mail Plus subscription, you can also have Gmail download new mail automatically.
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