How to Import from Google Calendar Into Outlook

Transfer Your Itinerary Easily

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Import Google Calendar Into Outlook. Hero Images / Getty Images

Back-sync-forth, and forth-sync-back, and forth-back...

Outlook and Google Calendar do the synchronization dance well — for the respective default calendars. Events from other itineraries have to be copied to the standard calendar to sync.

What about the schedule you've put together for that Hainan trip in Google Calendar, though? You don't want that on your standard calendar, and being able to sync changes is secondary to having the information in Outlook.

Fortunately, importing an individual calendar from Google Calendar into Outlook is easy.

Import from Google Calendar into Outlook

  • Click the down arrow next to the desired calendar in the Google Calendar My calendars box.
  • Select Calendar settings from the menu.
  • Click on the ICAL icon under Private Address: with the right mouse button.
  • Select Save Target As..., Save link as..., Download Linked File As... or something similar depending on your browser.
  • Save the "basic.ics" file to your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  • Double-click the "basic.ics" file you just downloaded.
    • If the file does not open in Outlook:
    • Open Outlook.
    • Select File | Open | Calendar... from the menu.
    • Find, highlight and double-click the downloaded "basic.ics" file.
  • Delete the "basic.ics" file from your Desktop or Downloads folder.