How to Import Mail and Folders From Gmail to

Set up to receive mail and labels from a Gmail account

What To Know

  • First, log in to Go to Settings > View all... > Mail > Sync Email > Gmail.
  • Then, pick a display name, check Connect your Google... and Create a new folder... Press OK.
  • Finally, sign in to Gmail.

This article explains how to import your mail from Gmail to Instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Import Mail and Folders from Gmail into

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon in the top navigation bar) and select View all Outlook settings.

    Screenshot of settings
  3. Go to Mail > Sync Email.

    Screenshot of Sync Email
  4. Select Gmail.

  5. In the Connect your Google account window, enter the display name you want to use.

    Screenshot of Connect your Google account
  6. Select Connect your Google account so we can import your email from Gmail.

  7. Select Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders like in Gmail.

    Screenshot of Choose where imported mail will be stored
  8. Select OK.

  9. In the Sign in with Google window, select the Gmail account you want to import. If your Gmail account is not listed, enter your Gmail email address and select Next.

    Screenshot of Google sign in
  10. Enter your password and choose Next.

  11. Select Allow if prompted.

  12. Close the Settings window. imports folders and messages from the Gmail account in the background. Custom folders and, depending on the option you chose, inbox, drafts, archive, and sent mail will appear in a folder named "Imported" (for the "" Gmail account).

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