Import Your Browser Favorites Into Microsoft Edge

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Windows 10 users have the option to use a number of different web browsers including the default Microsoft Edge. If you've been using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or some other major browser but recently switched over to Edge, you probably want your bookmarks/favorites to come with you.

Instead of manually creating your favorites again in Edge, it's much easier to just use the browser's built-in import functionality.

How to Import Favorites Into Edge

Copying bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge will not remove the bookmarks from the source browser, nor will the import disrupt the structure of the bookmarks.

  1. Open Edge and click or tap the Hub menu button, represented by three horizontal lines of varying length, located to the right of the address bar.
  2. With Edge's favorites open, select the Import favorites button.
  3. Select which browser's favorites you want to import by putting a check in the box next to any of the listed web browsers.
  4. Click or tap Import.​

If your web browser isn't shown in this list, it's either because Edge doesn't support importing bookmarks from that browser or because it doesn't have any bookmarks saved to it.


  • Open the favorite window again from Step 1 to see folders specific to each browser's favorites. For example, Chrome bookmarks will be saved in a folder called Imported from Chrome, and IE's in one labeled Imported from Internet Explorer.
  • To move imported favorites to Edge's Favorites Bar, just open the favorites window again and drag folders or links into the Favorites Bar folder.