Import Your Browser Favorites Into Microsoft Edge

Bring your bookmarks from Chrome or Firefox to the new Edge Browser

The new Microsoft Edge browser brings improvements and new features to the default Edge browser that comes with Windows 10. If you've been using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, you can bring your bookmarks over to the new Edge using the browser's built-in import functionality.

Information in this article applies to the new Microsoft Edge browser released in January 2020.

How to Import Favorites Into Edge

Copying bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge doesn't remove the bookmarks from the source browser, nor does it interfere with your existing favorites in Edge. To import favorites to Edge:

  1. Open Edge on your computer and select the ellipses ( ... ) in the top right corner of the browser.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Edge with the More icon highlighted
  2. Select Favorites in the drop-down menu.

    A screenshot of Edge with the Favorites option highlighted
  3. Choose Import in the window that opens.

    A screenshot of Edge with the Import command highlighted
  4. Select a compatible browser from the list. Click the boxes next to Favorites or bookmarks and any other categories of information you want to transfer to Edge, and then select Import.

If a web browser isn't listed, either Edge doesn't support importing bookmarks from that browser, or there are no bookmarks to import.

A screenshot of the Import screen in Edge with the browser menu,

How to Manage Imported Bookmarks in Edge

The next time you open the Favorites menu, you see all your imported bookmarks. To move imported favorites to Edge's Favorites bar, drag folders or links into the Favorites Bar folder.

If you have the Microsoft Edge app, your new bookmarks automatically become available on your mobile device.

A screenshot of the Favorites screen in Edge with the Favorites Bar folder highlighted