Import Contacts to Yahoo Mail From Gmail and Facebook

Yahoo makes importing contacts easy

Even if you use several email clients, you probably have a favorite that you use more often than the others. If you prefer to use Yahoo Mail but your contacts are in Gmail or Facebook, use these directions to import the names and addresses easily and quickly.

Import Contacts to Yahoo Mail From Gmail, Facebook, and Outlook.Com

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To import your address book from Facebook, Gmail, or a different Yahoo Mail account into Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click Contacts at the top left of the Yahoo Mail screen.

  2. Select Import Contacts in the main mail screen.

  3. To import contacts from Facebook, Gmail,, or a different Yahoo Mail account, click the button next to the appropriate email provider.

  4. Enter your login credentials for the account you've selected.

  5. When prompted to do so, grant permission to Yahoo to access the other account.

If You Use Another Email Service

To import contacts from other email services:

  1. Click Import, next to Other Email Address in the Import Contacts screen to import from more than 200 other email providers. 

  2. Enter your email address and password for the other email account, and click Next. If Yahoo cannot import from the provider, you'll see an explanation screen. For example, Yahoo cannot import contacts from Apple's Mail application.

  3. When asked to do so, grant permission to Yahoo to access the other account.

  4. Select the contacts you want to import and click Import.

  5. Optionally, let imported contacts know of your Yahoo Mail address. To skip this step, choose Skip notifications, just import.

Import Contacts From a File

If Yahoo doesn't support importing contacts directly from your other email provider, check if you are able to export those contacts in a .CSV (comma-separated value) or .VCF (variant-call format) file. If so, export them. Then:

  1. Click Import, next to File Upload on the Yahoo Mail Import Contacts screen.

  2. Click Choose File and locate the .csv or .vcf format file on your computer.

  3. Click Import to import the contacts in the file to Yahoo Mail.

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