How to Import Bookmarks and Other Data to the Opera Browser

Row of library books with bookmarks
Don't forget to backup your bookmarks. Simon Casson / Getty Images

This tutorial is only intended for users running the Opera Web browser on LinuxMac OS X, macOS Sierra, or Windows operating systems.

Saving links to our favorite websites within a browser is a convenience that most Web surfers tend to take advantage of. Known by different monikers depending on which browser you use, such as bookmarks or favorites, these handy references make our online lives much easier. If you have switched, or are planning to switch, to Opera then transferring these bookmarked sites from your old browser can be done in just a few easy steps. In addition to importing your favorite sites, Opera also provides the ability to transfer your browsing history, saved passwords, cookies, and other personal data directly from another browser.

First, open your Opera browser. Enter the following text into the browser's address/search bar and hit the Enter key: opera://settings/importData. Opera's Settings interface should now be visible in the background of the current tab, with the Import bookmarks and settings pop-up holding focus in the foreground.

Towards the top of this pop-up window is a drop-down menu labeled From, displaying all supported browsers currently installed on your computer. Select the source browser containing the items that you wish to import to Opera. Directly under this menu is the Select items to import section, containing multiple options each accompanied by a ​checkbox. All bookmarks, settings and other data components that are checked will be imported. To add or remove a checkmark from a particular item, simply click on it once.

The following items are typically available to import.

  • Browsing history — A record of websites that you have visited in the past, including page title and URL.
  • Favorites/Bookmarks — Links to Web pages that you have saved, as described above.
  • Saved passwords — User account passwords (i.e., your email account password) that you have chosen to store within the browser.
  • Cookies — Locally-stored files used by websites to house user-specific data, preferences, and other browsing session details.

Also found in the From drop-down menu is the Bookmarks HTML File option, allowing you to import bookmarks/favorites from a previously exported HTML file.

Once satisfied with your selections, click on the Import button. You will receive a confirmation message once the process has completed.