iMovie - Video Editing Tips and Tricks

Tips and Guides to Using iMovie

iMovie is one of the most user-friendly video editors for the Mac. But easy doesn't mean limited. iMovie can produce stunning results. It's also capable of performing advanced video editing functions. All it takes to learn the basics of iMovie is a few videos to work with, and a little bit of time.

If you've got the time, we've got the guides, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of iMovie.

Published: 1/31/2011

Updated: 2/11/2015

Review of iMovie '11

Using iMovie - iMovie Tips and Tricks

For the most part, Apple's iMovie '11 is an easy-to-use video editor. It includes most of the video editing tools many Mac users will ever need, including themes, audio editing, special effects, titles, and music. iMovie '11 doesn't look all that different than the previous version, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for any upgrade.

Appearances to the contrary, iMovie '11 offers new or improved features that make video editing a fun, relatively stress-free, and satisfying process; no experience necessary.

Understanding the iMovie '11 Window

If you're a novice movie editor, the iMovie '11 window can be a little overwhelming, but if you examine it by parts, it's not so scary. The iMovie window is divided into three basic sections: events, projects, and a movie viewer.

How to Import Video Into iMovie '11

Importing video from a tapeless camcorder to iMovie '11 is a pretty simple process that involves a USB cable and a few minutes of your time. (Well, the actual import process takes a long time, usually at least twice the length of the video being imported).

How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From a Tape Camcorder

Importing video into iMovie '11 using a tape-based camcorder is easier than you might think. Our guide will walk you through the process.

How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From an iPhone or an iPod touch

iMovie '11 can import the videos you shoot on your iPhone or iPod touch. Once the video is in iMovie, you can edit it to your heart's content. Find out how to get your videos into iMovie '11 with our guide.

How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From Your Mac

In addition to importing video into iMovie '11 from a camcorder, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can also import video that you may have stored on your Mac. Our guide will show you how it's done.

How to Create a Movie Trailer in iMovie 11

One of the new features in iMovie 11 is movie trailers. You can use movie trailers to entice potential viewers, entertain YouTube visitors, or salvage and use the best parts of a movie that didn't turn out quite right.

In this iMovie 11 tip, learn how to create your own custom movie trailers

iMovie 11 Timelines - Choose Your Favorite Timeline Style in iMovie 11

If you upgraded to iMovie 11 from a pre-2008 version of iMovie, or you're used to more traditional video editing tools, you may miss the linear timeline in iMovie 11.

Even if you don't have any video editing experience, you may wish you could view video clips in the Project browser as a long, unbroken horizontal line, rather than as stacked vertical groups.

iMovie 11 Advanced Tools - How to Turn on iMovie 11's Advanced Tools

iMovie 11 is a consumer-oriented video editor, but that doesn't mean it's a lightweight. It offers a number of powerful yet easy-to-use tools on the surface. You may not know that it also has some advanced tools under the hood.

Before you can start making use of these advance editing tools, you first have to enable the Advance Tools from within iMovie.