Using Titles in iMovie 11

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Titles are useful for introducing your video, subtitles and annotations, identifying speakers, closing credits and more. In iMovie, there are a variety of titles, many of which can be adjusted and customized.

To access the titles, click on the T button, which will open the title pane with all of iMovie’s pre-made title templates.

In addition to the titles shown above, there are also a variety of stylized, thematic titles available when you set an iMovie theme for your project.

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Add Titles to an iMovie Project

iMovie title backgrounds

Adding a title is as simple as selecting it and dragging it to the part of your video where you want it added. You can position the title on top of an existing video clip, or you can put it before, after or between video clips.

If you add a title to an empty part of your project, you’ll have to select a background for it.

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Change the Length of iMovie Titles

iMovie title duration screenshot

Once a title is in your project, you can adjust its length by dragging the end or beginning. You can also change its timing by double-clicking to open the Inspector, and typing the number of seconds you want the title on-screen in the Duration box.

A title can only be as long as the video underneath it, so you may need to adjust the length of the video clips or background behind your title before lengthening it.

In the Inspector you can also fade the title in or out, or you can change the type of title you’re using.

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Moving Titles Within an iMovie Project

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It’s simple to move a title around within your iMovie project and change where it begins and ends. Just select it with the hand tool and drag it to its new location.

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Edit Title Text in iMovie

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Edit the text of your title by clicking on it in the Preview window. If you want to change the font of the title, click Show Fonts. The iMovie font panel offers a simplified choice of nine fonts, sizes, and colors. You can also use it to adjust the alignment of your title text, or to make it bold, outlined or italicized. If you want more choices for the fonts and layout, look at the system font panel, which lets you access all of the fonts installed on your computer and make more choices about the letter and line spacing.

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