iMovie 11 Timelines - Stacked or Linear Timelines

Move Between Stacked and Linear Timelines in iMovie 11

iMovie 11 Timelines - Choose Your Favorite Timeline Style in iMovie 11
The default view of video clips in the Project browser window is a stacked (vertical) timeline.

If you upgraded to iMovie 11 from a pre-2008 version of iMovie, or you're used to more traditional video editing tools, you may miss the linear timeline in iMovie 11.

Even if you don't have any video editing experience, you may wish you could view video clips in the Project browser as a long, unbroken horizontal line, rather than as stacked vertical groups. Fortunately, it just takes a click to move between the default stacked timeline and a linear timeline (called single-row view in iMovie).

Changing Timeline Viewing

To switch to a linear timeline, just click the Horizontal Display button, located in the top right corner of the Project browser window. The Horizontal Display button looks like three movie frames in a row. The frames are white when you're in the default timeline view, and blue when you're in linear (single-row) timeline view.

To switch from a linear timeline back to iMovie 11's default stacked timeline, just click the Horizontal Display button again.