Image Capture Bug Adds Tons of Empty Data to Imported Photos

It could waste a lot of your smaller SSD capacity

You could be wasting tons of space for no reason, especially if you use a smaller SSD-enabled Mac computer to import your photos.

macOS Catalina's Image Capture app with snapshots onscreen

The developer of media management software for the Mac, NeoFinder, has discovered a space-wasting bug in Apple's built-in photo and scanner tool, Image Capture.

How does it work? When you use Image Capture to import photos from, say, an iPhone or iPad, you have the option to convert them to JPEG when bringing them onto your Mac, rather than importing them as the default HEIC format.

To do this, you uncheck the "Keep originals" checkbox in Image Capture and then import. When you do so, however, the developers found that each imported photo file had 1.5MB extra, useless data attached to it (see image below).

All the wasted space in a photo file imported with Image Capture

The big picture: If you've got a MacBook with a smaller SSD in it, you could be wasting gigabytes of data this way. With just 1,000 photos imported like this, you'd be looking at 1.5GB of wasted space. That's a lot when your MacBook only has, say, 128GB in it total.

The easy fix: The devs note that Graphic Converter, a venerable bit of photo editing and importing software, does not add the extra data to its imported photos. The maker of Graphic Converter has also released a new beta that can remove this wasted data from photos you've already imported.

Another way: You can also leave the "Keep originals" checkbox enabled, then convert your imported HEIC photos using Apple's Preview app, either one at a time or in a batch.

Via: MacRumors, iPhone in Canada

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