Ikea’s Virtual Design Tool Uses AI to Create Your Dream Home

Delete your ratty old furniture

Ikea is not always known for advancing the tech space, as cheap Swedish meatballs and confusing instruction manuals don’t count. 

The retail giant is looking to change that perception, however, with the launch of Ikea Kreativ’s Scene Scanner, as announced in an official company blog post. This virtual design tool uses nifty AI-enhanced tech to allow consumers to try furniture items before committing to a purchase.

Ikea Scene Scanner


How does it work? Download and install the Ikea iOS app and scan your room using the built-in analyzer. You can erase any item of furniture from the scan and replace it with something from the Ikea catalog. If you don't feel comfortable scanning your own home, there are 50 virtual showrooms to arrange furniture in.

The scanning process does seem slightly cumbersome, requiring enough photos to make a panoramic shot and some smartphone twirling, but Ikea says the software uses these photos to make a "wide-angle, interactive replica of the space, with accurate dimensions and perspective." 

Ikea Scene Scanner


Ikea Kreativ’s Scene Scanner doesn’t deduce measurements to ensure an item of furniture will fit in your space, but it does give you a pretty close approximation regarding size, and it certainly allows for a better idea of the item’s overall design and whether it matches your current aesthetic. 

The service is exclusive to iPhones, for now, with an Android version coming later in the summer. Scene Scanner is currently only for US residents, with a worldwide launch expected next year.

Ikea also plans to keep updating the app, adding support for ceiling-mounted fixtures and textiles soon. 

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