Ikea’s New Smart Hub Connects Everything That Matters

DIRIGEA is a weird name, but this thing seems useful AF

IKEA is growing its smart home device offerings with a new hub called the DIRIGERA and updating its Home smart app.

The DIRIGERA's most notable feature is that it's compliant with the Matter smart home protocol, a standard developed by Amazon, Apple, Google, and other tech giants who all wanted an industry standard for their smart home devices that makes them compatible with each other. The hub also claims to have an easy onboarding process for other devices, and with the IKEA Home smart app, you'll be able to onboard the rest of IKEA's smart products individually or in groups, as well as add more devices than IKEA's older TRÅDFRI device.



Unfortunately, IKEA didn't reveal much about its other features. Lifewire asked IKEA about the DIRIGERA's dimensions and whether it connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but were met with silence. However, Ikea did announce that you can personalize its new smart hub using pre-sets for specific activities.

Meanwhile, the revamped Home app is said to be "easy to navigate and user friendly," according to IKEA. With the Home app, you'll be able to connect all of its other smart products and control them from the app, including the company's smart air purifiers and shade curtains.

The DIRIGERA's price tag is yet to be revealed, but it and the new app will be launching in October 2022. Ikea has plans to add an away-from-home feature sometime in early 2023.

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