Ikea Releases New Hidden Wireless Charger

Turn almost any surface into a charger for your phone

Ikea has released a new wireless charger that attaches to the bottom of your desk or table, turning almost any surface into a wireless charger. 

Ikea is getting deeper into the wireless charging game, releasing a new wireless charger that can be attached to the bottom of just about any desk or table. The Sjömärke retails for $39.99 and creates a wireless Qi charging hotspot underneath the surface that it is connected to.

Ikea's new wireless charger connected to the bottom of a desk


Unlike most Qi charging pads, which are physical items layered across your desk, the Sjömärkeis a 7-inch by 3-inch aluminum and plastic charger that works through both wood and plastic. You can connect it to the surface using double-sided tape or screws.

Ikea recommends using it on surfaces that are between 3/8 and 7/8 of an inch thick to avoid any issues with sending the electric signal from the device to your phone.

The charger also features a 6-foot-long power cable, which should give you room to situate it on various tables or shelves as needed. In addition, the device has an LED indicator on it and temperature and power monitoring, according to The Verge.

It’s unclear how well the charger will work compared to more traditional Qi wireless charging stations, but it at least gives users some options to hide unsightly chargers in their current decor.

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