iHeartRadio Review

iHeartRadio is an awesome free music app and free music streaming website because it lets you not only listen to live radio over the internet but also news and podcasts, as well as create your own radio stations based on the music you like.

The iHeartRadio mobile app is user-friendly, can be configured as an alarm, supports a sleep timer, can display lyrics, isn't confusing in the slightest, and runs on lots of devices.

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iHeartRadio Compatibility

There are plenty of devices that support iHeartRadio, such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. iHeartRadio also works through a web browser, Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Nexus Player, Roku, Xbox 360, Vizio TV, and other devices like automobiles and smartwatches.

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Our Thoughts on iHeartRadio

What We Like
  • No commercials.

  • Easy to use.

  • Doesn't require a user account.

What We Don't Like
  • Contains picture advertisements.

  • Limits the number of songs you can skip per day.

When you first log in to iHeartRadio, you're asked to choose the genres you like, such as rock or sports, among several others. This makes it simple to start listening to music shortly after you've opened the app. You can always change these later in your account settings, though.

iHeartRadio isn't an on-demand music service, which means you can't search for a particular song and expect it to immediately begin playing. Instead, the music you hear within a custom station are songs that are similar to the one you used to build it. 

This is actually a great way to discover new music because iHeartRadio will show you songs it thinks you will like, and you can tell it if you do or don't like it (through thumbs ups/downs), which in turn causes it to learn more about what type of music you enjoy.

iHeartRadio, as with other music websites and apps, lets you skip a certain number of songs. This can be viewed as either a pro or a con because it's a nice feature but it's also a big restriction if you decide to use it often. This restriction is set at six skips per hour for each individual station, or 15 skips per day across all stations put together—whichever comes first.

Most music streaming services play an audible advertisement between so many songs, but iHeartRadio has zero commercials. There are image ads in the app, but nothing will interrupt your music, which is fantastic.

iHeartRadio Highlights

iHeartRadio podcasts
  • You can log in to iHeartRadio with your ​email account, Google, or Facebook account, or use it without logging in
  • Up to six stations can be added as your favorite ones, the first four of which can be accessed immediately from the main menu, which is always accessible from any screen in the app
  • iHeartRadio's live radio stations can be browsed by local ones around you as well as by other cities and particular genres
  • Custom radio stations can be built by choosing a song you like as well as by selecting a "Perfect for" entry, such as Kids, Working Out, Yoga, A Traffic Jam, Having a Laugh, Driving, or Video Gaming
  • Your custom stations can be fine-tuned to include more top hits from the artist you choose, more new music that's similar to the artist's, or a mixture of both
  • A history of the songs you've listened to is kept online, which you can view in the Listen History section of your account
  • Recommended stations are displayed next to the stations you're already subscribed to
  • Some songs can display the lyrics and artist biography as you listen
  • You can share a song title and link with others through the iHeartRadio app
  • Every song you've tapped or clicked "thumbs up" on teaches the service what music you like, whereas a "thumbs down" does the opposite
  • Podcasts can be browsed by topic, like Food, News, Health, Games & Hobbies, Comedy, Business & Finance, Science & Technology, Entertainment, Paranormal, and Sports
  • Any of your favorite stations can be set up as an alarm on your mobile device
  • A sleep timer can be configured through the app to stop playing iHeartRadio after a specific length of time
  • Explicit content can be disabled, though doing so will stop you from creating custom radio stations
  • A list of recently played stations are shown in the app and on the website for you to easily reconnect to
  • Your listening activity can be published to Facebook if you connect your account to iHeartRadio