How to Identify Songs in YouTube Videos

Stop wondering! Find music from YouTube videos to enjoy elsewhere

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Many videos on YouTube feature awesome music but have no mention of the song name or artist. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can identify songs in those YouTube videos.

The easiest way to identify a soundtrack or song in a video is to search the YouTube video page itself. If that doesn't turn up anything, there are online tools, apps, and other tools you can use to identify the music.

  1. Check the YouTube Description

    This seems obvious but many people forget to check the YouTube video description itself for the name of the music in the video.

    The reason people usually miss this is because it's not always very obvious. Usually, you need to select SHOW MORE on the bottom of the description to see the full description. Often you'll see a Music by line that identifies the song in the video.

    The description is always the first place to check. If the song isn't identified there, just scroll down and move on to the comments area.

    YouTube video description
  2. Check the YouTube Comments

    Even when the description area of a video is scant on information, you may be surprised just how much information you can find in the comments area.

    Usually, if you're wondering about the song in a video, the odds are good that other YouTube visitors have wondered the same thing. Scanning the comments area, you'll spot other people asking for the name of the song.

    If you view the replies to those comments, often you'll find other YouTube visitors who know the song name and replied with the answer.

    YouTube comments asking about song titles
  3. Use Lyrics Search Engines

    If you can't identify songs in YouTube videos from the description or comments, you'll need to do a little bit of sleuthing.

    Luckily, you have a very big clue. If the song in the YouTube video has lyrics in it, make a note of some of the lyrics. Then, you can use lyric search engines to identify the song.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is by typing those lyrics into the Google search engine.

    Google lyrics search

    If Google can't identify the song for you, there are other search engines made specifically to help you identify songs by lyrics alone.

    • Provides the songs, artists, and albums that contain the lyrics.
    • Returns search results to videos and other websites that identify the song based on the lyrics you've entered.
    • Find Music By Lyrics: Gives results similar to Lyrics World, which are more like embedded Google search results based on the lyrics.
    • Fascinating technology that lets you paste the YouTube link and have a "music recognition robot" identify the song.
  4. Use the AHA Music Identifier Browser Add-On

    If you find that you're trying to identify songs in YouTube videos often, you may want to consider installing a browser add-on that will identify the song that's playing in your browser.

    AHA Music Identifier is the best Chrome add-on for identifying music in a YouTube video. Just install the add-on, and the next time you're watching a YouTube video and want to identify the song, just select the small AHA search icon and let the add-on perform its magic.

    AHA Music Identifier will analyze the video and show you the name of the song, the artist, and the release date.

    The AHA Music Identifier add-on
  5. Use a Song Identification App

    If all else fails, one of the best ways to identify music in YouTube videos is to use mobile apps that have music recognition technology.

    Music recognition apps are very popular, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

    The MU6 song identification app

    The following are some of the most popular music recognition apps you can use for free to identify any song in a YouTube video that's playing near you.

    • Shazam: One of the most well-known music recognition apps, just place your phone near your computer while playing the YouTube video. The Shazam app will show you the song title, artist, and lyrics.
    • Music Detector: Just tap the screen to launch song recognition mode and identify the YouTube song that's playing.
    • Beatfind: With cool dark, purple hue design, this app not only identifies a song playing on YouTube, but it'll also animate to the beat of the music.
    • Mu6 Identify: This simple app also animates with the music as it identifies the YouTube song and shows you the title and artist's name.

    Any of these apps will quickly recognize music in any YouTube video, and you don't even have to write down the lyrics or spend time searching the web for the song title.

Identifying Songs in YouTube Videos

As you can see there are lots of ways to identify songs on YouTube. The first thing to try is to check the description or comments since that should be the fastest method. If that fails, lyric search engines should help. If those don't do the trick, browser add-ons or mobile apps usually never fail.