Iconic Dungeons & Dragons 'Gold Box' Games Heading to Steam

Say goodbye to your floppy disks…

In addition to being the first tabletop RPG, Dungeons & Dragons also comprised some of the earliest PC RPGs, and now those digital classics are coming back. 

Game developer SNEG is bringing multiple old-school D&D PC games to Steam, according to a press release sent out by the game dev. These games, dubbed the Gold Box Series, began their original release in 1988.

Dungeons Dragons Gold Box


There will be multiple Gold Box Classics to choose from, each featuring various games tied to different D&D campaigns. There are three Forgotten Realms collections, for instance, one Pool of Radiance collection, a single Savage Frontier collection, and many standalone titles. 

DragonLance fans will also find a Krynn trilogy bundle, while Ravenloft fans will have access to their own related packs of games. Some classic titles are missing, those that don’t fit into the Gold Box format. 

Now, these are not remastered, so expect low resolutions and charming, yet antiquated, audio tracks.

Dungeons Dragons Gold Box


They do include some modern perks, however, including a special game launcher, enhanced DOSBox emulator support, and various utilities for transferring parties and mapping dungeons. You also won’t have to swap floppy disks mid-campaign, which is always nice. 

SNEG has not released any pricing information yet, but the games launch on March 29. Keep an eye on any potential updates via the developer’s official Steam page.

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