I Can’t Stop Playing With Amazon’s Luna Game Controller

A Wi-Fi connection makes it faster

Key Takeaways

  • I was impressed with the speed and build quality of Amazon’s Luna game controller.
  • The $69.99 Luna controller is meant for Amazon’s cloud streaming gaming service, currently in an invitation-only early access program.
  • I had the controller up and running less than five minutes after it was dropped off at my house by a postal worker.
Amazon Luna controller laying on a table and casting a shadow
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Amazon’s wireless controller for its new Luna gaming service offers speed and great build quality. 

The $69.99 Luna controller isn’t cheap, but it delivers rock-solid performance. It was also incredibly easy to pair with the gaming service and offers reduced latency compared to other controllers. 

The Luna controller is intended for use with Amazon’s cloud streaming gaming service, currently in an invitation-only early access program. Luna works on PCs and Macs through standalone clients or Chrome, Amazon Fire TV devices, and iPhones and iPads. Certain Android phones also are compatible.

Delivery to Connection in Five Minutes

True to Amazon’s ethos of trying to make everything easier, I had the controller up and running less than five minutes after it was delivered.

After inserting the included batteries, it was just a matter of downloading the Luna game controller app for my iPad. The device instantly was detected, and I was playing seconds later. And while my controller immediately noticed my Wi-Fi connection, you can use the Luna controller via Bluetooth, as well. 

"The $69.99 Luna controller isn’t cheap, but it delivers rock-solid performance."

The Luna Controller connects to Amazon directly through its Wi-Fi connection, which the company claims reduces latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds. In practice, I found the Controller remarkably responsive when connected by Wi-Fi to control an iPad Air.

Keep in mind that you don’t need the Luna controller to play games on Amazon's service. You could also use a compatible Bluetooth controller, such as the DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller. Serious gamers even could connect a wireless mouse and keyboard. Of course, when you go Bluetooth, you give up the reduced latency. 

After spending some time with the Luna controller, I tried using a wireless mouse and keyboard and immediately could tell the difference. Although the lag was too small to quantify, it definitely was noticeable. It also felt awkward using the small iPad screen with a full-sized mouse and keyboard setup.

I also tried an Xbox Wireless controller. I prefer the more ergonomic feel to that of the Luna, but once again, there was noticeable lag compared to using the Luna over Wi-Fi.

Solid as an Xbox

I was happy to find that the Luna controller is a solid piece of gear. It resembles the classic Nintendo Switch controller design and weighs a hefty 285 grams. An experienced PlayStation gamer told me it felt wider in their hand than a PS4 controller and, in fact, was almost too big to play comfortably for long periods. But the build quality was as solid as an Xbox Wireless Controller.

I have big hands and had no problem grasping the Luna controller while playing the racing game Grid. The controls had excellent feedback, and I was able to send my car spinning around the track at my maximum skill level. 

Amazon Luna controller paired with an iPad Air
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There are menu buttons clustered around a Luna button that lights up when you use the gamepad. A tiny microphone above the Luna button lets you use Amazon Alexa with the controller. On the bottom lies a headphone jack. On the side is a USB-C port for wired connections and charging its rechargeable batteries.

After spending time with the Amazon Luna controller, I consider it a must-have for anyone who subscribes to Amazon’s gaming service. It’s a well-made controller that offers an easy setup and reduced latency through a Wi-Fi connection.

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